Taxpayers monies is being misused to preserve Burnham Name

first_imgDear Editor,In response to an article in kaieteur news, where the Mayor of New Amsterdam Winifred Haywood stated that the contract cost of the synthetic track at Burnham Park New Amsterdam Berbice, is $167M has exposed her incompetence in that the Department of Public Information in an press release dated 25th October 2017 ,clearly outlined that the Government ink a contract at the sum of $141.8M and not $167M as quoted by the Mayor in the newspaper.It must be noted too that the Mayor condemns the statement that was made pertaining to increase in spending based on the disasterrous location of the synthetic track but confirmed that the space is inadequate to construct the Pavillion and other amenities so the Council is closing the nearby dumpsite to facilities the construction. She also forgot to mention that the abattoir would be removed too.Since the location is a flood prone area additional money would have to be spent to create an independent drainage system, likewise the curb wall around the track had to be increased to double the height of a normal synthetic track to prevent possible flooding and damages of the synthetic track. It must be noted that if the location was the Bermine Ground, then taxpayers would have saved about $50-$60 million dollars. Traffic congestion at the location would also be disastrous at the present location.The Mayor FAILED to understand that taxpayers’ monies are spent there and as a councillor or any citizen have a right to question any projects that is being executed by this Government because of their track record of being the most corrupt Government since Guyana independence. Since the signing of the project to date it is approximately two years and the project has not been completed, the people would be happy if the additional monies that is being spent and the total contract sum for all the facilities must be made public.This APNU/AFC coalition Government is known for failing to complete projects, the Indian Monument Site at Palmyra that was completed by the Indian government is a typical example. Also because of the secrecy and corruption within this Government, information is being kept as state secret, refusing to even give copies of contracts documents to the RDC because the APNU/AFC government is fearful of scrutiny and the exposure of corruptions by public and residents.In the 2017 Budget presentation debate speech by former Minister of Education Nicollette Henry, $210M was proposed for synthetic track facilities to be laid in region 2,4,6,7, and 10 as was outlined to the National Assembly. Based on this information the Mayor of New Amsterdam needs to asked Nicollette Henry what she was speaking about.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img read more

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