The site is hang a horse is my blessing in disguise

for the second question, I open the web site, and found no new ads, no popups. Is the business into the wrong website or business computer poisoning? But when I put the cursor to a picture on the website, actually appeared in advertising, the first feeling is our site was linked to horse. Then I called the business phone, answer: our website has been linked to horse. Business answer is very simple, so what time are you ready to contact.

in 2010 and a few friends cooperation made a women’s website, the website is the main content, the female beauty trend information supplemented by knowledge, while also taking into account some delicacy information. Because it is a clear division of team operations, site operations less than a year on IP over 2W. The site began to put on the GG and love of Shanghai alliance advertising, each person has more than 1000 monthly income. Soon, there is a business initiative to come to the website all buy monthly advertising. Because it is the female aspect of website, advertising value is relatively high, the monthly income of more than GG and the love of Shanghai alliance, after deducting expenses of each person and the income of more than 3000. More important is very stable. We are very satisfied, after all we are doing part-time station. read more

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Set the navigation system of the website structure optimization techniques in

from the user’s perspective, the second best guess the user’s navigation to the next target, the user led to his ultimate goal. Is the navigation to some guiding role, we can through the rational allocation of the navigation type name, add links, in the text to guide the user collection button, related products recommendation, search box and so on to guide our customers to do. For example, the following figure:

first, we set the time to try to use text navigation is the most common HTML can, in the navigation navigation links don’t take pictures with FLASH, no, JavaScript generated navigation system and don’t use, because if you so, the search engine is an obstacle, it is our navigation system the site within the chain of the most important, we can use the CSS, designed the effect is also good, the background and text colors can be changed, there comes the drop-down menu read more

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