How to obtain the high quality of the chain for site optimization and worry and effort

(three) submitted to the soft release.

is now the Internet, blog marketing is also quite hot, because the original blog can not only enhance the weight of the blog itself, and with the same type of site is reproduced, when we released the original content in the blog with our website links, this blog popularity soared in the weight only at the same time, the website also increased weight and that is a permanent link quality, so we do the independent blog to either acquire or weight of the chain, is an excellent method, here I still suggest that you do the blog, the best is the independent domain name website similar to the kind of weight is the best. read more

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Wang Baochen Shanghai Longfeng promotion experience learning

in our study before there is a very important question to think about yourself, don’t ask yourself is not suitable for learning Shanghai Longfeng, when Ma predecessors Ma Huateng pioneering predecessors they should never thought they can succeed? At least not thought is not suitable for? So we need to think about is the website construction and the Shanghai dragon is interested in if there is no interest? So what do you want to learn? The interest will be more effective, do not understand their own initiative to know the view, ask friend to understand, do not understand the students know more suddenly at night is troubled by a Shanghai dragon optimization details, clothes jumped in the open computer check. The interest is important. read more

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Optimization analysis using the advantages and disadvantages of love Shanghai product promotion opti

recently often see a lot of Shanghai dragon Er through their own practice to share "love Shanghai encyclopedia" by the experience, but often write their profit. But if the pass? If the owners repeatedly pass, and repeated in the subsequent increase in external links, will inevitably cause adverse effects. Do not underestimate the effect, or even directly related to the website weight, and even the fate of. I have been in a period of time for the love of their products in Shanghai doing the chain work repeatedly, at the beginning of the momentum is still relatively good, but finally led by K. In the advantages and disadvantages, not all can be the chain through the audit, not all of the chain can not be rejected in artificial attention, what kind of chain can be more easily through the audit, even pass the examination will not have a negative impact, read more

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The medical industry website content maintenance ideas


2, according to the proportion of the articles do not update your website or pure pure original copy

online editor seen too many responsibilities, how to write articles on the network such as content, each company’s requirements are similar, most of what is around, how to write the title and content words, what to write, how many words, bold keywords appear several times this kind of information. But when it comes to the whole idea of the less. He has also met many doubts, talk about how to update the medical station according to their own experience. read more

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Keywords rapid promotion website ranking selection

with shots of Shanghai Dragon Industry: This is a very common phenomenon, because everyone is holding a top word do go up and look forward to the objective of the Shanghai dragon. But it actually made a fatal mistake, that the site in the absence of any weight, top words may not have good rankings. Unless the word is very rare, no other company to do.

Lanzhou Shanghai Dragon – East Hui van had to Shanghai dragon website has done some analysis, discovered the existence of a large number of unreasonable optimization condition, which is mainly reflected in the following points: read more

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Optimization of Shanghai dragon do not know the secret novice tag tag optimization

sixth: many systems set the tag tag list page URL is dynamic, unfavorable >

this set of tag tags can greatly increase the site list page, can greatly improve the user experience of reading

third: tag tag should not too long nor too short, generally 4 to 6 words more appropriate

tag label is so important, that we set what precautions?


tag list page corresponding to the same class of the link, and the list page is the same, but the content is more accurate, it is easy to be included in the read more

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Short video sharing Vine co founder quit businessn Qi run work speech

Qi run advertising network alliance has run has been more than four years, the payment on time is not tax deductible credit has been maintained for more than four years, 80 webmaster all know this alliance, after all, is a veteran of the union, in alliance circles have their ingrained status, years of wind and rain came, Qi people run through a lot, from the beginning of the collective resignation to the later all the various Qi Yun also survived, not only did not die in negative information under the oppression, it is growing stronger and become the domestic industry with the big boss read more

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How to effectively carry out the optimization of enterprises in Shanghai Dragon

2, keywords ranking

two, to achieve the goal through the steps of

Keywords The what is the use?

tips: This article from the original Yang Wanwei, I mainly engaged in the marketing network, my blog,

, a Shanghai

we can obtain optimal adjustment of Shanghai dragon Guan Jian words ranking, use a variety of techniques to optimize the method, write the title, written descriptions, update the contents of a large number of related content, in do within the chain, keyword layout in the website, the exchange of high weight Links, in some forum sent some of the chain through the forum signature, the soft, classification information chain increases the keyword optimization to the front, to get good rankings, when users enter search keywords will click into organic. read more

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Why do we need to optimize the site analysis

After the completion of the Second: to improve the website

: first improve the site experience. Many websites may not take into account the user’s experience in the construction process, site navigation is not very clear, the site does not within the chain net structure of the website, the website content from the theme, these aspects in the process of website construction, owners may not have too much to consider, so in the process of daily maintenance, webmasters need to be optimized to the website, as is appropriate to improve the user experience of the website, website bounce rate, improve the user viscosity website. To improve the user experience of the website is the only way which must be passed to live long. read more

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n the face of the new website promotion if you can not start

fourth, Links, with the line on the website included, you can find quite slowly with their weight websites Links exchange, so as to enhance their website weight, I do not recommend junk website links, sometimes the result is bad, but also caused the K station.

high weight Forum promotion, the forum can do signature, you can post promotion, in many ways, the forum weight, through love can stand tool query, can love Shanghai advanced search mentioned 2.2 view 24 hours of collection, if a site search volume at any time, so this site weight is certainly not low. read more

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