June Chongqing property market to teach you how to rent a satisfactory house

summer heat, but also indicates that this year’s graduation season is coming. A lot of students at this time will embark on the community, then outside of you, how to rent a satisfactory house? Chongqing property market for your weapon.

upcoming June, is the graduation season for college students, then, Chongqing (real estate) property market will usher in the rental season". College graduates are leaving school, more and more people begin to rent a house. After graduation, the first rent which need to pay attention to it? This is a small book on the practical raiders. read more

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Retail stores and big supermarkets do neighbors how to improve business


‘s own retail stores around with other retail stores, this competition is not too can hardly be avoided, causing owners panic, however, if you open a big supermarket, the shop for business development is a very big blow. My name is Zhang Yubin, my friends shop grocery stores in Fujian County of Xiamen Industrial Zone, due to the economic downturn, the flow of people 09 years of Community streets, significantly less than before.

recently opened a new shop near a large supermarket, a lot of people and I went grocery business, here are affected, well scraped, poor even this. At first, I was also very worried, then think about the advantages of supermarkets, grocery stores have their own strengths, in the face of this situation, might as well start from the way to improve the business, so I took some methods: read more

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Lu’an city in 2015 to complete the undertaking of secured loans

Chinese entrepreneurs for the higher degree of recognition of entrepreneurial loans, willing to take the form of loans to increase the financial strength of entrepreneurship. In order to promote the management of construction, in 2015 China issued a business loan amount reached a new high.

2015, six security business loans issued 764 million yuan, complete province issued the objectives and tasks of two hundred million yuan 382%, break a record, ranked second in the province, including an account payment of 580 million yuan, 184 million yuan of corporate loans. read more

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Entrepreneurship shop 10 rules from success is not far away

now, the catering industry has a great development space, and vigorously promote the spirit of these years, many entrepreneurs want to own a restaurant, but with the increasing competition in the catering industry, want to open a restaurant is easier said than done. Barcelona catering focus on Western brands to create a few years, has accumulated a wealth of experience in food and beverage planning management, and today we share with you in the operation of the restaurant may encounter difficulties and challenges. read more

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Health products six sales tips

health care products sales skills? Many businesses feel very confident about the prospects of the health industry, but worried that they will not operate. Xiaobian to strengthen health care products sales said six strokes strategy, hoping to help you business.

A, should pay attention to health care products marketing campaign for

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What is the purpose of the contract to open the store

we like to do anything to add a point to protect their own, shop business is more so, join must rely on the contract, the contract in the development of franchise chain, is a basic form. So what is the role of the contract to start a shop in the end what we do, let us look at it.

signed a contract to join the purpose:

1. is a series of technical commodity / service provide authorized franchise business and not simply use the franchisor’s trademark, but to use a set of goods / services series technology, and even part of the patent technology components. read more

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How to improve the sales of water purifier stores

water purifier franchise store business in order to successfully sell products, need to have a thorough understanding of the product and local consumers. Many businesses are not very familiar with the management skills, then Xiaobian to tell you what you need to start. If you are not very good at it, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

know your customers, to know what they want, through a series of questions to understand their needs, and then recommend some of them meet the needs of the water purifier. You can refer to a product they often drink or prefer. read more

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As the development of Sunan County tourism is also home to fight

is well known, the tourism industry is one of the important sources of local government economy, if a region’s tourism industry is well developed, will inevitably bring about the improvement of the local economic situation. Lanzhou Sunan County Government of Gansu aware of this truth, in order to develop the tourism industry is also actively fight, at the cost of subsidies to encourage students to do publicity.

6 12, a reporter from the relevant departments of Sunan County learned that the county in the day before the introduction of the "University of Sunan County volunteer tourism promotion incentives" to encourage college students to participate in the tourism, Sunan promotion propaganda of Sunan tourists inside and outside the province, to promote the understanding of Sunan, yearning for Sunan, into the Sunan, efforts to enhance the visibility and reputation of foreign tourism in sunan. read more

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