Catering business dishes color first

the development of China’s catering industry is rich and characteristic, although the threshold is relatively low, but the competition is very fierce. Want to get a chance to survive in such a market, the color and flavor of the dishes must taste. This is the first ranking "color".


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Automotive beauty shop management skills

automotive beauty shop in the market is an increasing demand for the project, therefore, many entrepreneurs have seen the business opportunities of this project and the choice of the venture. However, for the automotive beauty shop investors, in order to ensure the success of this project in the market, then in the business, the management of this project is to get wealth. Next, we will be on how to manage the car beauty franchise stores made an analysis.

The rapid development of

economy, car sales continued to increase, the car beauty market development has been joined in. More and more investors fancy project opportunities, want to invest in opening a car beauty shop. We know that everything pays attention to ways and means, business is no exception. So want to successfully run a car beauty shop must grasp the way of operation. read more

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Count the world cup necessary APP

four years of World Cup football feast has begun, as the mobile Internet era fans, a variety of football APP how can you miss it? Small collection of some of the football APP application, the fiery summer, toward the world cup, walk!

watch itThe application of

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2015 gold ideas for women

with the steady progress of the whole society, the number of female entrepreneurs is increasing constantly, at the same time, more and more women entrepreneurs play different story in the business on the road, there are many industries are very female entrepreneurs to choose.

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E commerce into a new platform for entrepreneurship in Shaanxi

now the society is a kind of e-commerce era of entrepreneurship, in this background, the country are actively establish some suitable for the development of e-commerce business environment in Shaanxi Province, now e-commerce has become a new business platform.

Xi’an from July 15th "three in one" test run for half a month to the end of July, the city has issued 2238 licenses, an increase of 23.7%. Yesterday, the National Bureau of Investigation Corps investigation report released in Shaanxi, since 2015, Shaanxi Volkswagen entrepreneurship booming e-commerce has become a new platform for public entrepreneurship. read more

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The soup shop five points need to pay attention to all the

a group of loyal is necessary for their meal project culture, do not underestimate this group, because they can bring immeasurable Zhibuding for your return. A soup shop is no exception, a service to your customer satisfaction, not only to consume more often, and live advertising, as do give guests a good impression, suggested a method!

soup shop the five points need to pay attention to the


1. keep the soup shop sanitation and cleaning:

environmental health and clean, is the basic requirement in the catering industry, to the guests to feel good, but also to let the guests eat at ease, must wash a floor cleaner every day, and regular cleaning, so as to maintain the entire soup shop is not greasy, give guests clean dining environment, but also reduce the cockroach ants, mice and so on pests of opportunity for the government food regulations, also do a good job. read more

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Paint stores profit tips

paint franchise business prospects, market demand, in the face of the challenges of many shops, how to do a good job in the operation of the new business? Many businesses have a lot of business is not familiar with. Xiaobian compiled a few points today, hoping to help businesses find the direction of efforts, so that businesses can easily become rich.

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What the eye catching beauty Si imported supermarket

has the characteristics of the imported supermarket, has been very much the choice of market development space. How beautiful Si imported supermarket? In the market, not only has a high popularity, and joined the Si beauty imported supermarket project, or very high quality selection!

as China’s economy gradually open the door, let all kinds of foreign fashion elements also flowed into the domestic market, many imported products began to attract the attention of consumers, favored by consumers. As the leading brand of imported supermarket, Si beauty home supermarket by imports into the domestic market, they immediately monopolize the market Ngau Tau, has a broad market space for development. read more

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Green creative ideas in the field of environmental protection

choice of the entrepreneurial industry must be very cautious, the potential of the non environmental industry in the entrepreneurial industry. Not only for environmental protection and the ability to create a platform for their own rich, there are 4 small business environment for your reference!

environmental protection project

knowledge required: hotel management, sustainable development

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