Clear the site optimization objective the optimization work on guidelines

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website optimization has penetrated into every field of the Internet, the website optimization are also growing. However, what is the website optimization for? Perhaps there are a lot of Web site optimization personnel as long as the good technology is enough, and the problem is not. Every day they just habitually to try to increase the chain, and chain website snapshot observation etc., for this problem, but never think, perhaps that is not worth the attention. It is not, if not even do what, then what could also not complete, but do not know now exactly at what stage of their whereabouts also have nothing to say. So we do website optimization, want to pursue and what

? Nature is to get more profit from, so there will be funds paid to us. Each of us usually how to bustling about busy late into the night, in the final analysis is not in order to get more capital. When we know our ultimate goal, then the website optimization, more will appear simple. Because we know what we want to get. If it is a personal website, then mainly benefit from display advertising, so we have to find ways to increase site traffic.


for the website optimization, in fact, whether it is for the company to optimize your website, or for their own website optimization. Our ultimate goal is to profit from nature, everyone do everything there is to. Who would like to fruitless things bustling about.

no matter what, beforehand, can be successful, otherwise it will fail. This is the website optimization. We all know that website optimization is a complicated and trivial and long process, not a short duration of time, more is not easy. To this end, we must first know what is the purpose, to achieve what effect. Then we will want to do to achieve this goal, that how much do every day the chain, a chain and to what number of conditions and so on. Only when we have a clear goal, we will be more convenient, take it leisurely and unoppressively.

so we do website optimization in the end for what? Some people will think that is to promote the site optimization keywords, increase the chain. Perhaps that is to enhance the website weight and exposure to more traffic. For these answers I don’t comment on what is right and wrong, but I think that website optimization personnel if only know the site of the title, website optimization keywords, to increase the site chain of words, I can only say that you know of website optimization just to stay in the relatively simple stage, in fact, these are just for the process website optimization. The ultimate goal that the website optimization is for what? It is actually very simple, do website optimization, the ultimate purpose is to the customer, if a further point, bluntly said, is to customers for pocket money.

We optimize the website is why