A Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai Dragon Book customers

I think, most customers are most concerned about the second half of the sentence "to bring more business", then, the author wants to ask ER a number of Shanghai dragon, we are really good for customers to do that?


have a high conversion rate, the customer’s own products easier said than done, remove and price factors, the user experience of the site itself (directly related to customer loyalty), and gross flow into the web site are Shanghai dragon ER counterparts must be considered.

many of the domestic professional Shanghai Longfeng company team or a part-time person orders "only swordsman who, usually in order to introduce Shanghai to the customer before the Dragon

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according to the above process, what you think of


, I would like to mention the status quo of Shanghai Longfeng community found himself a little strange. I regard it as "sick" or "vicious spiral", some owners may want to ask "what?" it, and listen to the road.

in general, our sales staff or a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in their joint Sihuo will give customers a few main keywords (some say a few of their own customers for products or services related words) and analysis of Shanghai dragon ER under simple keywords heat difficult degree and customer site and quotation if customers feel that the price is acceptable, and then signed the contract, handing over the necessary permissions, start optimization. After signing the word to achieve the effect of "Shanghai dragon effect customer confirmation" and enter the maintenance period (usually a year).

I still continue to question "thrown in front of us really to bring customers the business?"

said this, a lot of friends, especially made guest webmaster friends more clearly, which lies in the conversion rate.

has its own website friends (which includes occupation of Shanghai Longfeng ER) is clearly a problem that a website traffic will not.

"let your customers in the quasi official website to search engine query keywords or main business product you appear in the search engine home page (a promise before three, depending on the specific keywords and) so as to enhance your product or business rate, light in the search engine’s explosion in other words, too is to promote the potential clients of your website traffic and bring more business!")

Prior to ?

single from the introduction of web traffic, several main keywords on the front page really can reach

cognitive Chinese mall on the old saying " buyers and sellers is a business, can be long. " thought for a moment, think it is necessary to present a common phenomenon in the world of our domestic Shanghai dragon to express their views. Of course, the first statement, he is not a successful merchant, but only an ordinary Shanghai dragon Er (non legendary master).