What’s wrong with you Such original article is rubbish


at this time, the webmaster do not agree, the title of the party is to be done, or you can click? But I worked hard but the content of a word play out, absolutely original content


webmaster simply understand it, the article did not appeal, users don’t like chant, although it is original. The most intuitive experience is that the simple look, what about your article? This is not to say that the content of

first of course is to facilitate understanding, for example, one day, you hope to see the house, first set a good position, there are simple decoration, wall brush white, plus a few simple pieces of furniture, you experience that I bought this house, I want this re decoration, furniture to buy, to set it, also want to buy a big bed, bought it, so, so. But you haven’t decided to buy, so at the second house, the wall is not a good brush, the pipe is blocked, the toilet is blocked, not as pleasing to the eye, then your experience is the developers you don’t pass the wall better? Not furnished with a few pieces of furniture so that interested people can do a good arrangement of fantasy? Virtual whole house is empty,

1. from the theme of the site of the original article

this example is purely fictitious nonsense, as is the highlight of today’s focus, users access to your site, the user experience it all, ah, you this website is also good Oh, very simple atmosphere. Then to see your article, the title of the article, the title of the party? Then open after a glance, it is the title of the party, a substance of thought are not, then there is no seconds off, then.

before a friend asked me to write my daily website 3-5 original article, but why not included? However, opened the site to see the site, is a software download blog, but look carefully down, there is talk, album, blog, etc. in the emotional world, I asked him why do these, he said the user may be interested in the content, and the emotional story is my original, I said it is Speechless >


then again below explain in detail what the original article is garbage article

search engine to onlookers, the master said: you see, the user is away! Yes! Your article is hard to fight you out, but no ideological content is very feeble.

! !Then the

for Shanghai dragon, want to do website ranking, original content is essential, we all know that the acquisition of the article included no love sea, so forcing us to the original, not included on the site ranking. Original? Why is not included, what is also rated as junk articles? Today Xiaobian simply talk about this problem.

? Pull go?