The recent love Shanghai continued to adjust you get what revelation


2, the content must be of high quality, the previous content can go around in search engine according to the interception of some inspiration, I now get the website content must be carefully, to be truly useful to the user, if the Internet has too much content you have to copy or false original, so is the murder of their website.

1, as a site must be updated every day, my new website built, stick to update two articles every day, if one day you are not, please excuse me your friends to help you to update the website, I feel this is the love of the Shanghai spiders crawl time must have new things.

continued to adjust the most pure website optimization by K in this love Shanghai, a friend of mine has two weight loss website, now is K, he is too focused on the optimization of the site every day, arrange to go around the chain, but also to Maiyou money chain, now is K.

In the face of so many

1, do not usually pay attention to the content of the website of the site is likely to be right down, my friend and I have a few websites that, usually content are based on the pseudo original, now digging into their own pit.


is down right and be K website, I think psychology is very unwilling, hard to do for a few years is now a part of K website, actually I feel very painful, and summary, analysis, practice again, after 10 days of work, I set up 1 the new site, the new site now has a certain flow, now I also gradually get some enlightenment of love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, we wrote here.

3, copy website, pure advertising website has a lot of K, which is the inevitable development of the search engine, do not pay attention to the user experience of the website is bullying.

3, the website chain is very important, the important is not to say that the anti chain more, but to be precise, the anti chain my new website is only 78, all I >

2, to Amoy website for a living, do not pay attention to the quality of the website snapshot has stopped, I had 1 is the rebate network, there is a special guest website Taobao, now the two sites have stopped the snapshot update every day, and are also included in the collection, is not updated snapshot.

recently love Shanghai has force, a lot of garbage sites, and replication site is down right or K off, there are a lot of guest website, website, product rebate sites are also facing not updated snapshot, snapshot of many websites now remains in June, why is this? Is it love Shanghai no longer concerned about the small website? As a webmaster you in the adjustment of the number of harvest

I now have seven sites, two sites have been K, and three site has not been updated snapshot, only two sites in normal operation, it can be said that the adjustment has touched me so much, I wonder and summed up the following points.