The three stages of the chain skills upgrading

so this stage friends began to choose between the platform of the hair of the chain, the effect really improved a lot. But he could not get the maximum effect, then to the third stage.

, some children’s shoes will find the chain have no much effect on the effectiveness of ranking, so they started online to find the reason. It is a place to send the chain has a problem, like you are selling shoes website, you went to the music forum to send a chain. Remember, love Shanghai is not stupid, to blow the garbage outside the chain is very simple.

Understanding the second stage of

third stage: the importance of the chain content, understand the link bait


first stage: hard to force the chain of migrant workers

second stages: start selective chain

before seeing a Shanghai dragon counterparts do some algorithm to guess on love after Shanghai 628K station, also feel more sense. Anti spam strategies love Shanghai will only be more and more strict, so still waiting waiting to be K site recovery is a waste of time. Also, the chain of Shanghai role in the promotion of love will always exist. Because Robin Li is on the link to transfer the weight of this patent to eat. Get to the point, how to send the chain is the most effective? It probably has three stages, as follows:

is also called the chain Commissioner, director, manager of the company to some Tucao, the essence of chain for the king is the chain of quality rather than quantity. Perhaps in the early period of time to do the number of ranking plays a significant role, but in the love of Shanghai 2012 anti spam strategy, a large number of low quality of the chain will only harm the website. And a lot of contact Shanghai Longfeng near shoes have been misled, all ctrl+c, ctrl+v, even after the site was K, the competent managers also said that, outside the chain of your hair is not enough, next to the chain. Well, I laughed out of

why do link bait? Click on the principle all know love Shanghai. It exists in any place where there is a link, but also to the role of the ranking for the anchor text keywords. Linkbait role is to entice visitors to click, sometimes visitors do not necessarily have the intention to buy, but you design a very attractive link (this is an important distinction between linkbait and ordinary links), for example, a foreign chain theme extension knowledge etc.. This can go to Lu Songsong.

After a period of exposure to

to the ordinary Shanghai dragon Er began to focus on the content of the chain, before I have external chain original content bold conjecture. The chain is in the others website, then it became another web site, original content will get very high weight of (possibly you will find your site original articles than the copy of the long tail word obtained better rankings, it is also for this reason), slightly design the title is very simple, so the use of other people’s website to get the long tail flow. Only do this step is not enough, but also know how to link bait.