What is the anchor text and how to do the anchor text

link is called anchor text. We all know, the anchor text is to occupy a lot of proportion for optimization and ranking a lottery website development company, even now love Shanghai algorithm update, I think this is the anchor text of this

three, the anchor text should pay attention to the place.

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I said to be precise means you want to improve in which word ranking using that word do anchor text, of course, the premise is the word you choose is hoping to make up. For example, for example, my site is lomo camera, then I should add lomo

", this form is called anchor text links.

also known as the anchor text link anchor text, is a form of link. I believe you know the hyperlink anchor text, so it is not hard to understand. As we all know, the hyperlink code is the anchor text, like this form, the keywords do a link to another

, what is the anchor text of

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what? For hyperlinks are not unfamiliar to us, so that the key word is the anchor text with hyperlink. As we all know, the hyperlink code is the anchor text, like this form, the keywords do a link to other pages, this form of

Two, the anchor text classification of

anchor text? What is the role of the anchor text? I believe there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novices have doubts about this, many people don’t even know how to do the anchor text. Let me say something about the issue, how to do the anchor text, anchor text should pay attention to what

station anchor text is often divided into 3 types: 1 main keywords; 2, the long tail word; 3, improve the user experience to strengthen the internal chain.

The anchor text

station anchor text and stood outside the anchor text is very important in Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, and the effect is amazing, so do the two aspects of the overall site ranking to improve is very helpful. The station anchor text popular is their own internal site to do


in the form of optimization of the staff in the brain more solid, so give the anchor text lottery website development company will add the appropriate number to reach an unexpected effect, she inadvertently make web page keyword rankings, so as to enhance the website "/p>

anchor text can be divided into 2 categories: the station anchor text and anchor text outside the station.

(1) keyword anchor text to be precise.

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anchor text, anchor text outside the station anchor text is on other websites to your website.

camera examples: LOMO camera. I won’t do anchor text camera of the word, this is why? The reason is very simple, the word I simply do not go up. So do the anchor text.