The station optimization RO limit the ultimate breakthrough platform search marketing

first, the first step in force is the norm and smooth station. Shanghai Longfeng station optimization, see the specification URL not see, to see the UEO (user experience Optimization), mainly to avoid the punishment of the search engine, while ensuring the smooth access station. For users, access to the stability is the first step of the experience.

finally, the Shanghai dragon brand accumulation. The so-called thick product, in addition to the traffic on the thick plot, but also in shaping the brand of thick plot, platform or website itself as a brand, included in the optimization work, make the brand and website traffic symbiosis. In both sites and make the brand the principle of long-term accumulation.

2013 timev search conference · Hangzhou Railway Station: 贵族宝贝hz.timev贵族宝贝


business platform in the search engine ranking on the competition is most intense, especially for home position. In order to get home display opportunities, some companies will choose to purchase the link on the way, some enterprises will choose to lay out a chain to drainage, and there are a few options from the rebel force, the ultimate optimization of its own website to attract and retain flow, long-term optimization, accumulate steadily to be recognized, the search engine the status of the.

12-13 April 2012, winning era search conference · Hangzhou Railway Station meeting will be held as scheduled. In the SEM rampant today, the meeting will return to their original meeting focus on Shanghai Longfeng, invited several guests to share a large platform of Shanghai Longfeng optimization topics, including making shoes deputy general Zhang Lin has become the focus of a high degree of guests. It is understood that Zhang Lin led his team of 3 people, a breakthrough in making shoes Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Zheng Qubin summed up in the course of development of the network is shooting shoes "promotion in Shanghai Longfeng, beginning 07 years of precipitation, 10 years on, Borner also praise of making shoes Shanghai Longfeng optimization work can be described as" daredevil ", making shoes by the internal force, accumulate steadily, perfect counter attack, with the wisdom of breaking the ROI limit search marketing platform, and achieved a win-win flow and brand success.

the meeting Zhang Lin will also share a large platform of Shanghai Longfeng optimization deployment, in addition, the chiefs guests will be on-site to share brand SEM, short-term and long-term optimization optimization, data analysis, ROI promotion are most concerned about the topic of search marketing practitioners. Perhaps a "Zhang Lin" is you, perhaps the next quarter, your search marketing ROI may have an unbelievable improvement, are you ready?

second, brand long tail word main keywords. The users are increasingly rely on brand business platform today, the optimization of the key breakthrough point is to focus on the long tail word brand, such as brand sports shoes, from the "Nike" and "Adidas" brand "to start, even can set up independent brand keywords for these pages, to further optimize.