One and a half new domain name Shanghai ranked real love

One month before

I’m in a machinery industry company of Shanghai dragon, due to the company’s core keywords too much, impossible to do with a station, so I registered several new domain name. There is a good贵族宝贝 domain, a half PR is 2, the love of Shanghai included over a hundred, and there is a core keywords love Shanghai ranked first. Here is how I do.

2, I registered more than 15 blogs, and in the blog I also released a large number of original information, the old and new domain name website domain names are put on the.

so I external links close to about 2000, a high weight blog, B2B, classified information, forum, about 20 Links. New love that Shanghai ranked up, PR value of 2, rapid collection. So I finally turned to the old domain name in a high PR value of the site, no ranking. Again the old station with a new station. The exterior link is very important, Links is also very important, strategy and execution is more important. I hope the above information to help people to do the new. (note that the new station is my www.washingcn贵族宝贝 keyword ranking is washing machine, we can verify the

3, I am in the forum, classified information website also released a number of external links, I summed up the external links about a little more than 2000.

5, on my website PR value into 2 I went to exchange Links, about 3 a day, a week of about 10, about 20 to two weeks. Links all is a snapshot of relatively new, included 100 with my website quite, and exchanged some ranking sites for Links. Because my station is just beginning to exchange Links, PR value of output is relatively large, so many people are willing to exchange Links with me.

4, after the release of these links is a thing after, I turned to my new domain for a PR value of 2 for the old site, and the site is less than 100, the original old site no ranking, but the domain name PR is 2. Compared with the old. So what happened next to my new domain name as can be imagined, as I add information, a collection of hundreds of soon, and the PR is changed to 2.


1, I in the old domain optimization when the original old site, although the new haven’t started website, but I put the chain with you, as I released a lot of information in more than 30 industries B2B information website, are put on the chain.