Love Shanghai search engine guide 2 issued by the Shanghai dragon warned unfair

1, Shanghai people have sex before bidding so much, Shanghai dragon’s advantage lies not only can bring to a website ranking, also brought a series of changes in energy to the site, such as user experience, conversion, and so on all kinds of brand marketing effect, can bring great development to the site, and not just a a ranking. But you can not every word to do the bidding, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix can be brought to the site long tail keywords inexhaustible ranking, bring traffic and conversion rate than bidding for the difference, like A5, Chinaz these large long tail keywords ranking more rice with the same, obtained from the flow of the amazing ah. It is now a lot of small and medium enterprises are now doing Shanghai Longfeng, this is not love spending than Shanghai bidding for small, because Shanghai dragon can give site bring benefits not only ranking. Of course, now doing the bidding, while doing business in Shanghai dragon is also a lot of two-way development.

4, in order not to let our webmaster and users will no longer be cheated, like a post some time ago A5, said one day can make the website ranking first in Shanghai, claiming that as long as the love ranking website, a month before hundreds of pieces, but also can apply for A5 intermediary, to tell the truth, I like this made Shanghai Longfeng two people have the urge to want to understand, not to mention some of the newcomers did not come into contact with Shanghai dragon and webmaster, accidentally to the pit. Now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er >

2, black hat Shanghai dragon is too much, the love of Shanghai and greatly damage the interests of users, now Internet spam and fraudulent websites a lot, and love Shanghai as the largest search engine, will bear great pressure, especially the explosion in CCTV love Shanghai auction there are many fake websites later, love Shanghai has been on the site for rectification, like some of the low quality of information, fraud is not to do the bidding promotion. I love Shanghai will be out this from Shanghai Longfeng warned us, don’t spread, don’t give in the search engines is added.

3, now the Internet has become more and more strict rules, record the Ministry changed, changed again, in order to prevent spam flooding, the government may also give love Shanghai some pressure to make rectification.

believes that many people see, first and second into this, and home with 5 love Shanghai products, directly to the site of cattle are quite out of home, out of a love Shanghai search engine guide 2, teach some skills webmaster optimization and the Shanghai love note, but also a special column warning station stood not tricked Nagato, we love Shanghai Shanghai dragon NND, does it want to spare none, it is hard, I think a time in the afternoon, analyzes some love Shanghai the reason for doing this, we see there is no objection:

today at noon, in Shanghai haisou Longfeng, appeared in such a situation: