Keywords bottleneck method and optimization of website of choice

search engine search webmaster tools, a bunch of out, including online type, there are also software type, the author recommends the use of online, because online type for the actual data is relatively close, because the update speed of online type relatively faster. Take the love of Shanghai index. Love Shanghai index is indeed a lot of search keywords, because he can give a detailed flow according to your search terms, compared to that of a day, a month, a quarter, a year can give you a list of. The search for the best keywords, don’t just look at one day and one month, at least from a quarterly perspective, to see whether the word flow stability, if you find a now flow, when they make up no flow of rotten words, then you cry.

websiteA method of

, through the webmaster tools query

webmasters will say, how do I know what users are searching the word ah, I’m not a user, and the user can not see through the heart. In fact, this method is very simple, a voting function can solve the problem. By adding a voting section on the website, setting a daily voting options for users to choose. And a lot of the time, the user does not love this stuff, so we want to get a more accurate answer to this.

three, the user search habits


website in order to get to the site of the rankings rely on keyword optimization, promotion, the hair of the chain, to support it has enough power to more front row. But even if the site keywords are not finalized it, then what kind of promotion optimization and so on, these methods are all around the keywords and user experience, if there is no target keywords, so how to create long tail keywords? How to win in the competition? How to defeat opponents so to success beyond? To optimize the ranking to determine a good promotion, the premise is your site keywords, so as to make the promotion optimization has a goal of law, to determine the key words, the author has three methods, very effective Oh:


I most love, through the analysis of the web site keywords, you can have a very good optimization target opponent, only Zhiyizhibi to fight. Analysis of the web site don’t only see his traffic rank and the like, even if you are ten and a half months, the traffic will not be transferred to your own web site, also don’t envy the flow of the opponent, because you have to do is to beat the opponent and beyond. So, envy will only bring pressure to oneself. Keywords analysis should be combined with the first online query tool, through careful inquiry on the rival site can see keywords, so as to analyze what the word is the opponent’s weakness, which is not currently possible over rivals should give up the word. Against the master to blow it. Otherwise we have no chance. We analyze the opponent weak place to blow, so to play face to have the opportunity to overtake.