How to do a lot of stationmaster and different industry website optimization

talk about a webmaster how multi different industry site optimization

the Shanghai Longfeng owners are very clear, the first is the site of the shape, structure, title, description, content, keyword layout, domain name, space, program. These also do website optimization is done, these are good and we can like each big search engine submission site (Yu Ming), we can start our next keyword ranking optimization.


it is much simpler, because the first step of the whole optimization site ready on the left of the three step is to insist on doing every day, website update, Links, exchange chain. In fact, "

2, link exchange. We should exchange connection and what kind of website? This is a village in the station, when you see is in connection with him immediately counterparts do not change, the reason is fear of your site more than him or better than his, so completely mistaken, but change an industry with the connection ratio for a link to the same industry is not much better, to be willing to do Shanghai dragon, should be able to lose. Also some Adsense exchange links when you told him he would say my PR is 4 2 that is not for you. In fact, for the link is more fancy station website, snapshot update speed, YAHOO included, the weights of the chain, the site’s home page, basically meet these conditions can change. Don’t you miss this opportunity as PR than others. Because of your PR in high ranking is not good, not to keep up with the snapshot of what is the use of this website, basic and equal to the PR site links for others not necessarily change (unless others don’t understand).

in our website have keywords set it, we only need to do a few things on it, 1, website update website update is very important, it is nothing but the hair a few articles, but the website is very important, first article how to layout, key words in the article appeared in the network the frequency and layout, add hyperlinks.

so how to carry out the optimization of keywords ranking:

I am a person before making a 5 industry website, is unable to feel, feel there are many things to do every day, do some time out of the very confused, what also didn’t do. At this time is the most confused when, so be calm. We first talk about doing a website optimization, website of course from start to start. In fact, the website optimization website is a very important link, so do the

When the

3, the hair of the chain. Many people think that the hair of the chain is very simple (copy and paste), just to increase the Internet garbage, the chain is also very important, a good chain can be worth tens of hundreds of garbage chain. To do a good chain note: you have to release the chain place, your article is not readable, your article publishing clarity, the reasonable arrange a hair and a chain link text.