Long tail keywords better do the traditional Shanghai dragon concept needs optimization

long tail keywords general words more often, from 2 to 3 words (words or phrases), it has strong features, extending object search precision, wide coverage.

can bring effective flow, the traditional Shanghai dragon view, if a web site can cover the long tail keywords involved in the industry rankings more good, it means a better user experience, can not only promote the website target keywords ranking, but also for the benefit of the construction of website brand.

but "long tail keywords" is the website to have the covering scale content involved in the industry (at least hundreds of thousands of pages) – not enough scale content being included in the search engine index, it can not form a long tail continuous production mechanism, it is difficult to obtain from the search engine, the size of the long tail traffic continued.

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but you must remind small web search marketers, for small and medium-sized website, the industry is not the long tail keywords number the better sales are long tail tail, not the traditional business operators are stupid, they send money home.

generally, single long tail keywords search volume is few, and the search into the flow is not stable. But because the longer the more accurate search keywords, into the probability of customer website product target keywords is much higher than the site. For large and medium-sized industry website, long tail keywords flow sum can not be ignored.

long tail keywords

"man allow urine to death", many small sites lack of scale content search engine marketing personnel will not miss the long tail keywords sales. They are in the practice, although they do not have the scale of website content generation mechanism, but the clever use of the whole industry to form a huge content size advantage, through analysis of the intention of the user (such as search search search search engine, each word search search drop-down box, Google trends and website traffic Statistics), accurately to determine the high rate of search into high flow, transformation of industry of long tail keywords, and then targeted to the relevant content, and to seek more chain, you can get more popular industry long tail keywords website ranking — for them, more quickly to excavate and determine the long tail keywords can bring effective flow is the key.

network users for search results of personalized, fine, the accuracy is more and more high, users search long tail keywords using probability increasing, now in various industries has become a long tail keywords search marketing the military a hotly contested spot.

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and ER found that many Shanghai Longfeng, lack of effective mechanism of long tail of small sites can make up for the shortcomings, for example, is a topic related to the timeliness of the manufacturing industry of aging long tail keywords, search the best means to bring more traffic. Because the timeliness of topic traffic are relatively large, the practice proves that this method is very good effect.

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