Site is not in the analysis of keyword ranking home page

Xiaobian summary, the chain should follow the quality, not just quantity, Xiaobian this lesson is painful, Xiao Bian here to remind people of Shanghai dragon chain to do it, not concentrated release, and reduce the waste of the chain is released, do I have excellent people.

recently small website for a kind of let people remain perplexed despite much thought phenomenon, using the site query to find domain name website domain name is not in the first home page. Because many are the Shanghai dragon website site home is not the first judgment is the website down right behavior. However, Xiaobian careful inquiry love Shanghai Baike explanation, right down to explain the Encyclopedia also said so. Originally a small series of Web site keywords ranking should not be in the home, but the small query keywords, keyword ranking was first found on the first page. Why is this happening? Small after a few days of reflection from the following aspects of judgment.

small guess, this may be done before the long tail keywords, in support of small website. Site drop right wrong or not, just home was sinking, it is simple to punish.

third, the chain weight is too concentrated to the home page. Each small in the article are pointing to the home page, and the form of anchor text, so easy to upgrade the web site keywords ranking. But it is also easy to trigger mechanism of cheating love Shanghai, causing the site weight down.

first, before doing small optimization, due to the over time is new, when the boss and I are more anxious, want as soon as possible to make the ranking and performance in the content update and the so-called pseudo original and others website recently published articles. At the beginning of the website, the website ranking about two months time, keywords do the home page top nine, the original site along the downstream branch. However, the site after the 5.15 love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, site page disappear. But the decline in ranking part, and not too serious.

summary of the above three points, the small website site disappeared, is due to the love of Shanghai recently algorithm to adjust the result, some of the words are still home may be inside and outside the chain chain small before do support, and the long tail word transfer weight etc..


second, is small before the release of the chain, the chain is focused on the principle, and is only released home for web site keywords, this algorithm in Shanghai adjustment, focusing on the fight against waste under the condition of the chain, as can be imagined, keywords decline is also reasonable. Therefore, after the optimization of small, light as far as possible to the chain, especially the anchor text.

so in the future, website optimization, Xiaobian strategy is to reduce the role of the chain in optimization, the integration of content, increase the content of richness, and provide unique content, to the content of the web site update. And in the internal optimization, not deliberately added home page links, while focusing on the mining site of the long tail word, to attract the spider, so as soon as possible out of the site.