Six tips on novice website optimization

: the first leak filled, site survey.


twenty-first Century is the era of the network, and now the site is a very common method of publicity. This method is low cost, easy, and saves much time, so everyone will generally use website propaganda. However, some people in the website publicity at the same time, the role is very little, the effect is greatly disappointed. If this is the case, what should we do?

second: the key outstanding, high quality content.

How much will affect the ranking website

third: build the link for the end.

first of all, we should on the website of the external and internal structure of a large check. Make a list of elements of external and internal. For example: the website template is arranged reasonably? Whether the contents meet the requirements of the users? Users may also want to know and collect those things? Website color is not very harmonious picture? Feel? And so on, consider whether. To conscientiously check on every aspect of the site, can not ignore any one element. Because each factor may have an important role. This is to ensure that users can find more information on the website, improve the user experience. In this step, we must carefully examine it, you may feel no need. But you have to think: what keeps users on your website? Your website and give users what

page, most of them are some words. Of course there will be some combination of pictures. People first see is a picture of the picture, so for the selected strictly. Key words must appear in the first sight, and the font design is fresh, preferably with a little fun. Why do you want to put the key in this position? On the one hand, can let the user know the contents of the center can be the fastest, save time. On the other hand, can improve browsing efficiency, in order to allow users to find what you want. At the same time to ensure the number of keywords, neither more nor less. The content on the page must be attractive, have certain effect and meaning to the user. To update the content every day, but also the original article. Because of the original article is more valuable, the search is performed on the original article.


link. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the internal and external links. How should we design and summarize the main links? External links, other website links between, so we should carry out consultations and other related websites, looking for the same type and have the intention of cooperation, but also some really can bring the user site. It can support external links, external links to go farther. At the same time as much as possible to do a relatively high-level exchange links, such external links can play a big role. Of course, also want to consider the request of the other party, achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win. This is also the purpose of cooperation. For internal links, we must attach importance to the whole.