The rapid increase of the website included you really know how to do

search engine to a decision whether the content included, quality is the most critical content, and trust in your webmaster can know the spider love fresh and unique content, so also appeared in the Shanghai dragon optimization from the original content on said, a high quality original content not only good the user experience at the same time, the search engine is to give a high evaluation, this article is a kind of unique delicacies, let the spider love, then why not to search engine included? Of course we all know especially the new general is not easy all included, so that the original content is a stick with the process of accumulation. Perhaps the occasional day included a number, it proves that the original published content is released from the search engine, that is a surprise.

regularly updated, publishing original content is important, but also the essential title, a good title is a facade, do it is very effective to attract spiders.

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for a web site, every day is essential to update the content, release the chain and so on, however, every day we are hoping to release new content by search engines, because we all know that included can contribute to the site itself weight and ranking promotion, also fully demonstrated the search engine a sure your site’s content, of course I do not mean the kind after included in the removed content. But many owners will find that every day we update the content of many, but is not indexed by search engines, like the non mainstream pictures as the site, the beginning has not been included, website content is about 6000, and included to over 1000, this is a sad, but after the recent years included content on the site included some research, obviously increased, today with everyone to share.

, here I suggest you Adsense if you can, try to do every point update, a habit, also let you grasp the spider update rule for a long time, then you will find that the content of the website just released were immediately collected phenomenon, the site is now so. So this is also very important, not only love Shanghai second proof search engine to the site’s evaluation, and prove that the website weight is very good. I believe there are many webmaster found himself every day to update the site, but is occasionally snapshot appears abnormal now, so this time you should pay attention to their website the frequency of updates, whether to develop such a habit? It is worth pondering. Anyway, for example the optimization of the author’s website www.qqyjx贵族宝贝 has deep experience in this regard, the fixed frequency update, let my site just seconds, and publish content ranking is also improved, which fully proved the rule of the new website ranking and weight, also included there is a great influence, of course, the best content is original content.