Use the bottle let your enterprise stand increased 50P

threw the bottle with the same important signature with the signature, out of strategy, not as clever small brush. My approach is: bastard!! so late to do PPT, who will put online logo pictures down? Do PPT want to use computer mouse vulnerable! (you) even if the poison can love Shanghai, thank you all good (look).

As for why

this passage first showed that I used to do PPT.

Ready to work:

I will not summarize, I will put my actual operation flow to you said it.


this depends on the individual creativity, for example: my company website (your website) to use my photo propaganda, fortunately photogenic oh. See this in front of the head with the signature, I believe that most people will go to see see. When others point in not just at home, but also for corporate image advertising there will be at least 4, click on the 5 page, you said this flow to

How do

2, set the bottle signature

3, QQ will be all too painful drift bottle, see who is fishing.


signature is set up, you have to do is to let people see your signature, the process is to let people see out of the bottle, because you see who opened in fishing, so you are fishing when others see who you see in the fishing can function. This I pro test, a few minutes received a dozen hello.

threw the bottle

don’t fancy this step, some people love the signature set to bias the temptation, this is very wrong, even if someone found open, is a enterprise stand, others will seconds off. Don’t waste this flow or by K can The loss outweighs the gain..



1, prepared 10 QQ (if you have the time can be more).

into a beautiful picture, I believe we all understand, because love never goes out of fashion, and I visited, most of the boys are playing the bottle.

Shanghai dragon circles spread such a sentence: "90% hundred enterprise website ip". I also agree with this sentence, do the general enterprise website, IP did not have more than one hundred. My website for most of the day is 189. I believe we have many ways to increase the amount of IP, today I’ll talk about the little bottles involved.

get the bottle? Don’t let go, because this is also a potential IP, all the back face, I used to smile and eye difficulties.


, the 1 bottle picture all replaced a beautiful picture of

bottle fishing

implementation phase:

2, some customers, more like real.