The idea is too Share a love of Shanghai website rankings included abnormal records

The results showed that

feedback, I repeatedly went to see this grab failed:

what is this: my blog now love Shanghai included abnormal bleak! And I also told what love I reprint blog friends, do not reprint within half a month post, because I thought that to love Shanghai not included, ranking drop serious is because I have replaced theme –> months; in 360 sites guards –> articles are caused by quick transfer.

from the beginning of May, publish the article is no longer included, the index fell from the 4800 now about 1000

is love Shanghai Webmaster Tools appeared temporary problems, but also feedback:

today, I had a feedback:


continue to see a few times, I happened to open up grasping abnormalities of this tool, a look surprised, actually almost half the daily connection timeout

Real Photo Card:

suddenly flashes, timeout, familiar words, not 40X, not 50X… Yes, the firewall is


I found the most awful, most strangely, the months I release have not been included!!! And then I silently in my heart to Baidu scold a few months, even if being collected, fuck is the first time you will not included in

, I suspect that robots is not set up correctly? Is not outside the chain of go jump on search engines and other measures to bring the punishment closed


?Until !


!I think After the end of ?



… Until today I’d like to try Shanghai prompted by a sudden impulse, love API search interface, sitemap data found that Cupture failed.

quickly landed Ali cloud ECS looked at iptables:


!During the



is the connection timeout error, DNS is no problem, is indeed a real IP, seems not a problem using CDN:

actually, before I found all and sitemap data submitted to the relevant function that crawl but failed! Fuck, in Shanghai grab the same link detection is successful!