The optimization direction of Shanghai dragon r personal workplace talk

so, in full consideration of the actual workplace.

two, combined with the actual choice of strategic, low level of competition, even the long tail word

well, for a website to be optimized, three large, web site keywords selection and deployment, the chain optimization, the construction of the chain, the first one, in this chain, the workplace of Shanghai Longfeng R can not completely control, second fast, workplace Shanghai dragon r also faces the leadership of the company to optimize the effect of the test that is leading to the effect, result, purpose. If, 2-3 months, the optimization effect because of various factors, or not what effect, then, Shanghai dragon r workplace conditions will become increasingly embarrassing. This is why the workplace, Shanghai dragon R, the core optimization direction is "reason" of the selected keywords.

Following the

when the workplace Shanghai dragon R, without considering the actual situation, such as chain optimization, need to promote the technology, but not to promote, etc., will determine the popular keywords, website, popular keywords selected, as long as all aspects of staffing in place, 2-3 months, there will be a good ranking. However, due to various factors, leading to not push, nature is not key trends, many of my friends think, you can always do outside the chain, improve the keywords ranking, said earlier, for popular keywords, not outside the chain can ascend and maintain stable rank.

, a pre selection

for the workplace, Shanghai dragon R, the website keyword selection of pre sentence is correct, is directly related to the keywords optimization rankings of length of time, and get traffic from search engine number. But we all know that each website keywords selection is very important this! But why for the workplace of Shanghai dragon R, selection of key words, the core is the optimization direction.

why? As we all know, Shanghai dragon industry, there is a constant law that content is king, the chain for the emperor. Optimizing a website, basically is to proceed from the three directions, site selection and deployment of keywords within the chain, the chain construction optimization. In the workplace, Shanghai dragon, R, the content of this website, can not consider, because, for a company’s website, update the website content, will be responsible for editing, and is the Shanghai dragon specialist needs, how to publish the article told the editor can add anchor text. Then, in the chain optimization, the website structure optimization, optimization of navigation, static URL, tag optimization, and so on, these are the need to communicate, and the existing site technical staff, and the former "Shanghai dragon r workplace is the biggest problem of communication", also clearly explains that communication is a big problem.

, the "Shanghai dragon r workplace is the biggest problem of communication", and share the workplace of Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner on "communication" problem some insights, today, continue to talk about the direction of the workplace Shanghai dragon core optimization personal talk.