Xiong Xiangyang look from the perspective of personalized search Shanghai Dragon

post over location result back, do not understand the friends can see the origin and influence factors of regional ranking, this article describes the search engine is how to deal with the characteristics of the geographical location. So the social search is mainly aimed at social media, this is the future development trend of Shanghai dragon. Social search is registered in the search engine user account and add other registered social media services, such as: Faecbook, Twitter, Sina, Sohu, returned in the search engine results page will display the relevant content from social media sites released by your friends.

historical data, according to the user’s search history data to return different results.

discussed here the user about the historical data, historical data is equivalent to the user search history, click to access data, provide a different, more appropriate specific user ranking results. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon that is based on the user experience of the user experience is not good no one will want to often check this site. If the user search the words "Shanghai dragon blog", then users often visit the ZAC teacher’s blog, this search engine will be recorded, in fact now mainstream browsers have the function for the user in the course of time, the search engine more return ZAC the teacher blog page. About the historical data search engine has two approaches, the first user is not registered, then return to the page will be saved in the specified computer, return the results use other computer will be different, the other is the need to register to become the member search engine users, when using other computer login when login to the search engine returns the page will not change.

personalized search is a more humane way to search, the search engine is more demanding, the mainstream search is a meta search (also called comprehensive search), then search high point, and vertical search, local search, personalized search and so on. High demand for personalized search search engine, the current mainstream search engine technology is still not perfect so popular, but it is certainly a future development direction of search technology, then to eat by the search engine of Shanghai dragon industry, understand the personalized search is necessary.

here can be said to have a general understanding of personalized search, personalized search is one of the inevitable trend of the future development of the search engine, the personalized search results returned are not the same, the resulting ranking results greater differences, so the traditional sense of the keyword ranking will lose the meaning.

location, from different parts of the users to see different search results.

Have to speak in front of the

different social search, social networking contact, will see the contents of different social networks.

first of all, we need to understand the meaning of personalized search, personalized search broadly divided into three aspects: