The website data analysis to help Shanghai Longfeng road to success

time flies, his website in half a year later appeared in the fall.

so he has always insisted on doing the recording, a few months after the website has improved, but also the corresponding flow, every day from the flow of the search engine is not too much, but he also felt relieved, after all, to see their efforts have harvest, but he did not relax, but the analysis of these flows is how to, through which pages, what are the key words to the user browsing the page is how many times, the number of which keyword search more. In the analysis, and then he everyday according to these users to search a large amount of words required by the user to write articles, or on the basis of expansion but also put these words to the class, use the EXCEL table with recorded. Once a week or a month he will rearrange the data, classification, user experience will be better.


good website construction in space, in addition to his daily web site maintenance optimization, has also done a lot of owners are unwilling to do, that is his own do things every day are recorded every day to update the number of articles for a number of the chain, the chain is which website do, he had done a record. After doing these things in his day, how is the site hasn’t changed a bit, or included an increase or increase in the chain, ranking has not changed, he once again recorded.

site is now a newly established innumerable, the website wants to simply prohibitively difficult rise head and shoulders above others in the search engines, believe that the webmaster have heard such a word: nothing difficult, if you put your heart into it, Perseverance will prevail. the story so far as a household, although more and more people stand now, the competition is more and more big, but there are still many people succeed, why is this? As far as I know, their success is not accidental is not luck, but they really used the heart. The reason they can be successful but ready, take one of my friends to do foreign trade station, he in the early establishment of website even from the domain name and the choice of space, he will do the work, not only do market research, but also a large number of data confirmed that his choice of space, not only is the first Hongkong free space but also free for the record is more important than their free space without any mandatory advertising. In the process of questionnaire survey in the webmaster recommend Hongkong free space free space, needless to say, Hongkong reputation is so good, of course, because it is not only stable and fast.

in addition, he also and the webmaster friends, will check your site every day included, outside the chain, ranking, check Links, single link and pay close attention to daily web log, the spider to look at every day how many times, grasping which pages and which time to high frequency. These are to see and to analyze, perhaps the only difference is that he is not seen every day on the right, but he put every site of these basic data to do a detailed record.