The two is love sea K station two times to recover personal experience

love Shanghai home after the December has been ranked in the home, want to say is on the home page, the station didn’t update, the article did not write, did not send the chain, in a word about all the jobs the station stopped, knows this is not conducive to the stability of website ranking, but no way, the company came on the stand more, in spite of these.

Since December

company in November last year received a main keyword is "Hefei car" station, analysis of this station, there is still a little difficulty. The site from the "0" state to love Shanghai included, spent two days, then spent one and a half months, finally do the love of Shanghai ranked second, the station ranked second only to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, from the bottom of my heart is very happy. Because at that time he was just to the company, the boss and colleagues wanted to give a good impression, so more active in work, also more sincere.

year later work, forgot it, until one day the boss told me at the Q, the car rental station how rankings are gone, I was surprised, think of the matter immediately, use Adsense tools to check, found that the station was K light. Was shocked, this is my work above is not seriously irresponsible, their cause. Although my heart think so, but feel shy to tell your boss that this station last year was linked to the black chain, if asking, the boss will certainly think of me. So at that time did not say what, just said, "let me check." Then use Adsense helper network tool for investigation, see "with IP website" I immediately thought of is not the server problem, the server is not hung up the black chain, when really check the website with IP, found that the server station was linked to the black chain, and servers are class the. When excited, finally found the disease.

love Shanghai stable home a week after the tail back, was finally relieved. Not only because the next month pay a little more, but also to my colleagues left a good impression, the initial purpose is to own.

by January, remember one week vacation a year ago, with me for this station chain of friends told me that my station was linked to the black chain, I was very surprised, the first reaction is to use webmaster tools to check out time, search with the owners, find links is normal, no problem, since the webmaster tools can not find out, so I use Adsense helper network tools above Links query, finally found, actually all is only a link, and later entered the site love Shanghai snapshot, also found the same link, the website of the head. He immediately enter the FTP view source program, but no matter how to check, even if there is no link to these servers, then I don’t know where is the problem, it has been observed for the ranking of this site, found that the ranking is no problem, just a bit slow snapshot. Hold a heart, think the problem is not big, and the new year, don’t mind it.