Analysis on how to link back to your website


in the chain to be helpful to the website, as long as one can meet the following:

Two, improve the spider index type

entry do Shanghai dragon people will hear this sentence: the chain for the emperor, the chain is king. This is the Shanghai dragon industry eight scriptures, it can be said that as a Shanghai dragon staff, that is the two day. However, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er even the chain within the chain and the concept of role is not clear. Every day is blind, learned from the advanced experience of others, to do it on your own website, the workload is big, but has little effect. Today, I came on and you how architecture links only for their useful website.


, increase website ranking type. The search engine in determining whether a web page in some key words on the competition is mainly from others to its vote to analysis the voting here is the reverse link, many Shanghai dragon Er love from the chain to improve the overall ranking of the website to recruit, but ignore the inner chain control factors in the station construction process usually, we found a key point to want to get the ranking page in the article in the course of time, want to get the ranking page will get more votes, the search engine will naturally take on our page when keywords ranking, this increase in the chain type website ranking is to insist for a long time in the chain and effective strategies, we do the experiment will effect.

said today is a link in the reverse link, is well known, we define a reverse link Shanghai dragon is actually in the target page within the statement. In other words, the conventional links on the web page in A marked "to" B ", and the reverse link in" B "to" A point to my request". Here, "A B" is not limited to two sites, that is to say the different pages of a web site can also link, so, in order to better distinguish a link inside or outside the station, and with the name of our Shanghai dragon inside and outside the chain chain, obviously, the same web page A to page B chain is the chain, different web site also is the chain! To talk about reverse link usage, we removed the analysis inside and outside the chain chain.

three, user experience. Now the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, we have to do search engine optimization according to the thoughts, in writing, talking about some difficult words or phrases, may be appropriate to make a link.


. We all know that search engines crawl a page will create an index, the index number of a website, the more page is search engine grab. The search engine is to rely on various links to find the page, when we do the station construction within the chain, do more can make web pages to exchange all, once the search engine spiders to crawl the page, along each chain catch all pages within this chain helps to increase the