Love is to experience Shanghai transcoding or ruin Shanghai Dragon

actually destroyed the mobile phone station of Shanghai dragon


love Shanghai transcoding methodThe

today, after using a mobile phone to search my site in Shanghai found that the site by love transcoding into mobile phone station, I wonder why the mobile phone station to turn into love Shanghai mobile phone station? Recall FAQs highlights mobile website about love Shanghai official, I was unable to identify the Shanghai love machine responsive site, I was in search of other sites, found that such a situation is many, and they all have their own mobile phone station turned into love Shanghai


TC supports the no-transform protocol into two types as follows:

I make a bold assumption, even if love Shanghai after transcoding sites than our web site to the user experience, to optimize the Shanghai dragon, the end user access to your website or domain name to love Shanghai, do not believe you see chart of the domain name, but love Shanghai siteapp do the most humane point. That can resolve domain names to transcoding on the website, but the premise is to record. So here is the advice I give if you want to use the transcoding technology to love Shanghai, the best way is to own website for the analysis to love Shanghai siteapp, using their transcoding technique to your site into mobile phone station, if you do not want to use it directly to shield their technology, lest they forced the transcoding of your site.

a. HTTP Response Cache-control no-transform explicitly declared.

theory is to experience

such as the third party sites do not want to add a page is transcoding, this agreement, when the user enters the third party network.

B. meta tag explicitly declare Cache-control no-tranform format:

if you site is not mobile end users see PC site need to expand the narrowing of the website is difficult when you open the natural site, but if we really have their own mobile phone station was turned into a love love Shanghai Shanghai station after transcoding, the nature is not conducive to the experience, although our technology is better than love Shanghai, but I worked hard to do the mobile phone website in LOW is not how than love Shanghai machine over transcoding station experience, I investigated the site of many transcoding, my site is quite good, even some transcoding become garbled, typesetting is uneven, more serious is opened after transcoding love Shanghai 404 error page.

of course, we can not deny the global love Shanghai transcoding function, if we do not have an experience of the use of mobile phone users to suggest using template transcoding technology to love Shanghai, if you are not satisfied with the transcoding ineffective or can still love Shanghai siteapp adjust your style.

A. no-transform protocol