The site was DDoS attacks

later, the site has been in a state of intermittent, until I record down, for a friend of the server, 8 nuclear attack, the more crazy, CPU is about 50%, the attack a few days back as no below, and here >


!The server security dog also installed

has always been a man, the construction site is very simple, or empty CMS a website or not Taobao directly buy ready-made, or to copy a, the server is also the cheapest VPS 68 yuan a month, the station has no what problem, until last Monday, because several keywords ranking is good, the admiration of colleagues or people of the jealousy and hatred, began to attack DDoS, they are a direct attack on the domain name www.xxxxx贵族宝贝, as long as my binding domain which server to IIS, the IIS CPU immediately use 100%, resulting in all sites on VPS are not visit such attacks! The purpose is self-evident, is to fall under the guise of ranking


you can try DNS cloud acceleration, also have a certain effect, I also find love, Haiyun acceleration, DNS server address to modify a love on the line of Shanghai, my defense for a long time, the effect is very good, do not know how, second days in May is to increase the attack, or CPU 100%, also a lot of acceleration server needs for the record, before I did not record this website, all of a sudden change in space and so on are constrained

netstat -an CMD command can be used above can see numerous TCP link, IP is not the same, because my CPU is a single core, not against, it is thin, I will not fight, directly in the IIS domain to unbind attack, permanent jump to other resources a domain name, but not how long, was on the other side to find, the new domain name still jump attack is



is set after the case after clicking in to access, although Shanghai is not conducive to the dragon, but better than not open is better, can attack defense machine


web server, IIS site security dog, occasionally can resist it, is the default settings before, and later asked a master, before it has not set up the defense level, should be set up, set the following CC obviously resist the attack,

took the opportunity to blackmail!


There is a


! Before