The site was K a reason to come and see you in what way

Reason five: site >

algorithm to love Shanghai, now the webmaster want to do a good website can be difficult, especially in the last year and this year in Shanghai has been a big move, I believe many of my friends with Xiao Bian as his site basically has been in love with the sea K light, although sad but, what can you do about it, or to fight, or to do, so can only do is to analyze the reasons, not to make the same mistake mistake, here are some small experience in the analysis summary, I hope you can help.

three reasons: the website keyword density, in fact, this is a large part of the cause and site optimization excessive closely related, because we all know that in the Internet a few years earlier, the search engine keyword density is high for many sites to give rankings are better, think this site and themes are closely related so it has become one of the many webmaster using optimization techniques, like when I www.name2012贵族宝贝 the first is like this, through a lot of accumulation of keywords to get good rankings, but with the search engine algorithm upgrade, excessive accumulation of Web site keywords technique has been one of the search engine included malicious optimization method, so the ranking on our website weight now has no effect, or even become a web site One of the important causes of K.

two reasons: the site outside the chain, before Shanghai dragon industry rumors "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, I believe that for many webmaster occupation career has brought great influence and guide the direction for this sentence has small thought is the only thing. You are looking at how to understand the meaning of this sentence. Xiao Bian is so understanding, content, original content is high quality value, the chain for the emperor, the chain of high quality relatively high correlation, but not those blasts, BBS signature garbage chain.

One reason:

website optimization excessive, this is one of the most common mistakes, because we are on the topic of Shanghai dragon all too familiar, it is because of this, we are not thinking about how to optimize every hour and moment when doing the station, so long accumulation leads us to site optimization excessive, so as to be search engine fall right and be K, so for the optimization of the site work, we must be natural, not too deliberate.

With the adjustment of

four: website security and stability problems, in fact, for many webmaster, as long as the updated website content, some high quality of the chain website ranking can be very good, but I do not know even with good website content, the high quality of the chain support, if the site is always hackers hang black chain, Trojan or server stability is not good, often in a site not open state, impact on the site is very big, this is also a lot of website is one of the many reasons K.