Virtual son rain three months target keywords love Shanghai home experience

C, love Shanghai more adjustment in the three months before the fact, there is a period of time several keywords are on the home page, I stood still did not escape the love Shanghai adjustment, slowly put out some time ago. The first 5.20, then 6.28, most recently the outbreak of solar storms, see love Shanghai himself toss like personal kind ah, for our webmaster is even more difficult.

many people asked me what is the secret of Shanghai dragon, in fact, let me really answer, the trick is certainly not, if I want to cheat you still can say some tricks, but these tips are those methods we use, but I probably spend more time and energy to executive. The following specific talk about how I was within three months of the first page of the key words.

for a web site, if 3 months to sit up I feel that there is a point of failure, some people may see the title of my joke, indeed, you can check out the website I, the competition is not too big, I choose the keywords "Shanghai GREE air conditioning maintenance" Shanghai GREE air conditioning maintenance phone "" Shanghai Daikin Air Conditioning Maintenance "and" Shanghai Daikin Air conditioning maintenance call ", each keyword search page will not be too high, take three months to be justified, I analyse the reason I have failed this station.


A, the long tail + chain, which is the key strategy of website optimization. For the website optimization, the optimization method I love most is the long tail keywords > + high


Hello, I am virtual son rain. Some time ago has been optimized on a client’s website, very anxious, because the customer is doing the air conditioning maintenance station, Linxia station is the day, did not think so much then, later discovered that this keyword is hard to do. But there is something wrong with my this person, no matter hard to do good or do have to stand well, for this station I devoted a lot of effort, and finally in 3 months time to do on the home page. Today I will talk about myself for some optimization experience such a website. I hope these experiences help to everyone.

2, how I was in three months to do

B, the process too pay attention to the construction of the chain quantity, ignore the construction of the chain of the weight. You can see my site outside the chain, many are doing early, late rarely actually I do, for some forum the pursuit of too much, resulting in a period of time the website chain inflated, but also affect their for some data analysis.

A, the site selected two target keywords, this is a very good choice, because it is two words scattered, is not conducive to optimization, is not conducive to the transformation of the website. At that time I also argue that customer requirements a lot, but still in accordance with the requirements of customers to do.

1, why the website three months to do Shanghai