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platform for multi platform, also should be diversified. When the chain is not all related to the platform, also is not all high weight or weight of the platform, to various weights in various industries, the platform must be involved, there is a reasonable distribution. Sampling to explain your website is widely supported.

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in the chain wide net is to pay attention to strategy, structure and quantity must be considered. Only planning well outside the chain to battle "

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when we send the chain, of course, is the best form of anchor text, but the anchor text set should also be diverse, need to be set according to the user’s habits and click on keywords promotion direction. For example, in a post, and the position of the anchor text according to the content of the post and try to let users click. Because the chain is not without clicking on the needs of users, can easily be identified as junk chain.

is the essence of people with very simple words to sum up the Shanghai Dragon: fine content, wide cloth chain. This simple summary has strong generality, and said the most authentic Shanghai dragon. For fine content I believe many people are aware of this truth, is far to provide valuable and wonderful content for users. For widely distributed outside the chain, which contains some confusing concepts, not everyone can understand the truth behind it. Today Xiaobian for everyone to get it out of the way in Shanghai dragon wide cloth chain meaning. For widely distributed outside the chain, the key lies in a wide word, it contains the following meanings:

believe that everyone can understand. The number is widely premise, number of the chain, the more extensive net basis. If a site is only a dozen of the chain, even if the quality is high, it is impossible to put up a website support. The website on the Internet to spread, first of all to have a sufficient number of external links.

1, the chain more than the absolute number of

2, the chain platform to

we often send the chain platform of a forum, blog, classification of information, text and so on, the chain life cycle of these platforms are not the same. General is the shortest, the longest soft forum. The proportion of time we send the chain to the reasonable distribution of the different life cycle of the chain, not only have a long life cycle, also want to have a short life cycle, so as to make the chain included the amount of fluctuation controlled in a reasonable range.

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platform is a carrier of the chain. The absolute number of the chain to be many, must first have enough chain platform. Each platform can contain varying amounts of the chain, but the chain as a platform which is usually regarded as one, this is the need to pay attention to the staff of Shanghai dragon.

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