The revision in the weight down how to deal with it

website is inevitable, of course, the website will not completely opposite is bad, it can greatly increase the content and structure of the quality of user experience, website optimization.

4, one-time do website, than you every time a much stronger action. There is a revision of the best time to active period low in the search engine, this will help you gain time in the first moment problem can be modified, but also reduce the impact on the site.


site after a period of time after the operation, will encounter a variety of problems need to be revised, for example: the website not technology is old, the website structure layout is not suitable for search engine spiders crawling access etc.. So there are a lot of people worry that the website will not have what complications, such as: change, love Shanghai website website index changes and website weight change and so on, will make your website from cloud top to waterfalls. How about making Beijing site to prevent these problems.

3, do not have to toss the search engine authentication domain, a chain and a part of the relevant data page. Once the action site is facing not only the ranking problem, and may result in the website search engine K.


2, Beijing website construction for the website do not look at the real change, want to know is the old "collection of weight and have relatively good results, you can turn your attention to the new page or thematic modules, so that it may increase the weight of your site.

site in just after the revision, not because the ranking has declined, anxious to release the chain with the article, these are actually useless initiatives. You know, according to the research on monitoring web site tracking love Shanghai, most of the data show that the new website will generally be in the line after the 2 weeks will be indexed by search engines. Of course, this period is the shortest, you can also use this two weeks to some other way of promotion to ensure the visibility of the site.