The hospital nine misunderstandings in website optimization summary


The importance of

analysis is a very important link, if the keyword selection error, will lead to the overall situation of the site have been seriously affected. For example, will lead to the site’s ranking has not been very good, the investment and income is not a comparison, the cause of these phenomena is the choice of keywords problem.

Collecting a large number of articles

5. a large number of repeated page title

website to make the pursuit of beauty keywordKeywords

to some new people can avoid making mistakes in the optimization of the hospital website, I highlighted the following aspects.

2. frequently.

"TITLE change

title is a very important place, each optimization staff did not know title on a website of your title settings, but also can cause the ranking is not good, one of the reasons of the site have been on the go. In fact, search engines rely on title tag dictionary, word indexing, which is the core point of the most primitive stage of the search engine rankings, although the search engine technology has been rapid development, rely on progress of TITLE is a key point of the user experience, TITLE change regularly, the search engine will make cheating so be careful handling, change title.

now many hospital sites are beginning to value optimization, pay attention to the network to bring them back is very impressive, but most hospitals only know some simple optimizations, such as updating the website content but do not know the update of the original site of flash, and image too much, causing the site open speed is very slow. In fact, the hospital website according to the specific circumstances of the hospital, the hospital for the production site, so as to better promote the hospital.

hospital leaders blindly pursue site beauty, atmosphere, beautiful, beautiful, these are the performance of hospital staff too vulgar to be endured. Concise page to give the user a good visual experience; use a lot of pictures, too much of the flash caused by the page size is too large, the page loading speed is slow, the practicability of the website; use pictures for navigation links, search engines do not identify the site structure.

website now found a very serious mistake, many people love others a large collection of articles, in fact, this approach is not a wise choice, in the Internet highly repetitive articles, the search engine will not give good rankings, a large number of collected articles also have some negative impacts on the whole station. The construction site after the completion of acquisition of a large number of articles, without substantial contents, giving users a bad browsing experience, to the search engine left a bad impression, but also to the search engine optimization brings a lot of risk. Finally lead to site is down right, or even directly K off.

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title and the name of a person, all have their own.

1. is not analyzed