The website user experience Optimization

2. website content conforms to the Title Description



examples, this is just an article with title. There are some articles by the editors in the Internet to find some of this article, and then any minor changes, what keywords you change, the content of Dongping West together, cater to the search engine of the original, but this article is not readable. Hospital name, often the experts and so on, but in fact these are not experts to write articles. The user may go after look confused, is likely to mislead patients. In fact, the content of the website is really not necessary to the original and the original, the original is necessary, reprint is icing on the cake. This is seen in Lu Songsong’s blog in. In fact, this sentence is very good, look at the high weight news website, do they have the original so high? Most of them are reproduced, only a part of their own, but the practical content, users browse more love. Look at the very high weight blog you didn’t find the moonlight, most of his articles also reproduced? But is still high weight, where to? That is the very attractive, also.

stable space is of course the site is not a fast slow for a while, you can open the morning afternoon will not open. A user is not easy to fall in love with the sea in which the forum or I suddenly see your website and browse a can not enter, then the user may make this website is deemed to have been closed, is likely to come in again, you have no chance to display content. Site connection speed refers to the user click into the site to see that a period of time, the basic information of the website in general, more than 10 seconds to open the user may be closed, if your content is not so important, then the user will click on other sites.


first, what is the user experience of the site optimization? English UEO:user experience Optimization, the user experience of the site optimization is the site for you to the user’s experience to optimize the face of website content optimizing user level, in line with the principle of service for visitors, improve the site function, operation, vision and other elements of the site to get the visitors of all ages. To improve the flow through the conversion rate optimization.

is the title of a web site is how, so users see in other website or search engine will click into the website, and you have written but not the contents of the title, then the user through one or two seconds after scanning the site shut down. Such examples in Shanghai Longfeng community is very common, especially medical websites, medical websites generally have many attractive Title let users click to enter, but after entering found irrelevant. For example: Beijing psoriasis need to spend much money, but after clicking enter is written in this content.

1. stable space and high-speed connection site first impression of