Why is the barometer of the weights of the website snapshot

snapshot or not updated frequently, the reaction is a fact and a trend. The fact is, the snapshot is updated frequently during this time, the website quality is continuously improved, whether this improvement is increased from the original content or links to resources construction; this trend is, if in accordance with the present measures, constantly optimize the website constantly enrich website, website weight will gradually be improved, and the optimization the operation method has been recognized by the search engine. At this time, you may no longer wonder why some website snapshot updates very frequently, but the ranking is not ideal. Some sites, although the snapshot has been a long time no more.

maybe a lot of people think that my opinion absolutely, a few days ago in A5 document "optimization of website construction of six kinds of links will not be exchanged", one idea is that the website snapshot update slow site, try not to exchange links, some of the subjective expressions, recruit feedback caused by different opinions, even a friend gives examples of ip138 website. His view is snapshot speed for standing and different, of course this consideration is justified, because such website itself does not have too much content at all, so the snapshot update is slow, even for a long time not updated. But if the snapshot is a barometer of website weight change, I don’t think there are too many people oppose it? We try to analyze from the following aspects.

, a snapshot reflects the content or search link to update

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has clearly told us that the website snapshot update time, directly reflects the web site in the search engine update time. A website snapshot of frequently updated web site, at least to explain a problem, is to get the search spiders frequently visit. The only way to get the search spider to frequent, is outside the chain of resources or increasing the content of the site itself constantly updated. Because only the new content or links appear, the search engine will be timely to crawl to your site. The reverse thinking, we will think of, improve the site snapshot update frequency and improve the quality of website weight is the same, is to enrich the content of the website, continued construction of some high quality links.

The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

two, and the current snapshot weight not linked to

, website snapshot is when search engines crawl the page content, a cache of the page. Just a few words, let us know when a snapshot is search spiders crawl page data is generated, the purpose of users in the open data when you browse the web content through the data stored in the cache server search engine. The most awesome is the following words, update time snapshot, directly reflects the website update time on the search engine. This sentence is directly tell us that the site updated snapshot and update frequency, directly or indirectly reflect the quality of the construction site itself, as well as the degree of attention to the website search engine.