The old love Shanghai Encyclopedia unextend reading

in general, sex Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Longfeng Er generally has two purposes:

believe that love Shanghai will have many adjustments, but no matter how old, still believe that love Shanghai’s aim is to make the best site recommended to the search results page, in order to improve the user experience of love Shanghai, we still do webmaster website internal quality is the most important.


from: Wuhan Shanghai dragon old address: 贵族宝贝 please indicate the

I just think of it, it is not necessary to do an adjustment we love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon circles like an earthquake, bay. China, Shanghai dragon Er does is to rely on the love of Shanghai yes, but don’t love Shanghai control, in case a what, what a day, overnight didn’t love Shanghai, we have to do with it. Even if no filial sons do.

two is the production chain, import weights. This is somewhat not reliable, the weight of love Shanghai high product is not false, the key is the high weight it can you want to share a cup of soup, in accordance with the current practice of Shanghai love, obviously is stingy. Old money once witnessed a station, do a lot of love experience in Shanghai is in a very short period of time, the weight of it, but soon, love the experience of Shanghai set up a nofollow label, watched the station of the weight of money from heaven to underground mines at the bottom of the hell in the sewer. So, expect love Shanghai products to improve the idea of weight is not very correct.


actually love the night before Shanghai canceled the encyclopedia on the extended reading yesterday, even references are added to the nofollow label, according to the Convention, which has become the focus of discussion, and the emergence of a variety of condemnation, helpless like.

is to attract click, import traffic. So in fact no extended reading, old money has always believed that provocative language is absolutely than simple links and stronger, most peers through the reference of the language to attract click, the other is not essential. (PS: old experience, information station than the enterprise reference stations to add more easily.

so, old money think, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is not what reading unextend care, love is an anti Shanghai dragon search engine Shanghai essence, in order not to let the Shanghai dragon Er used its products but the weight, the chain is also normal, cancel. Besides there not reference mody.