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HDwiki encyclopedia alliance introduction:

sells 6 125×, 125 Banner ads, and a month’s price of $$5, so you’ll have $30 dollars in earnings.

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a few days ago to see an interesting article in the Lazy Way To Sell Your Site For $1000 in CashQuests in the most simple way to sell lazy $1000 dollars to your website, usually website mentioned in this article will be ten times the monthly income for you this is how to calculate the price? I do not sell off the site so, as long as you earn $100 dollars to sell your website for $$1000 there is such a good thing? Now the station last month to earn $$300, is not someone with $3000 dollars!?.

encyclopedia affiliate belongs to Interactive Encyclopedia, is the nation’s largest wiki website alliance platform, the number of union members accumulated 4. Relying on Interactive Encyclopedia, powerful brand influence, gradually developed into one of the domestic strength alliance.

, http://s.kaiyuan.hudong/bbs/viewthread.php, tid=13504& extra=page%3D1

editor of advertising display

knows how to join the encyclopedia Alliance:

encyclopedia is dedicated to providing a fair trading platform for advertisers and web owners to help partners tap the value of traffic and continue to expand valuable delivery channels.


writes 2 sponsored reviews a week

I think this low price link seems to be viable in Chinese websites and blogs. I will also sell Adssense your blog sidebar text ads, one is $1 dollars a month, selling only 5. Below will introduce "advertising in the sidebar" Wangzhuan, if you are interested in buying email please give me.

, http://s.kaiyuan.hudong/bbs/viewthread.php, tid=13501& extra=

, the world’s largest wiki Encyclopedia Chinese – Interactive Encyclopedia’s Alliance for its partners to launch advertising business cooperation. It is reported that the business is mainly for league owners, in the Interactive Encyclopedia on the main station to develop Adsense advertising, improve the visibility of the union site and traffic.

Adsense ad Manual:

is that really amazing? Is it really that simple? Can Chinese websites and blogs fit in? I’ll introduce you and explain it.

I think a website with only 100IP traffic, blog, and its Banner advertising in the Chinese market, there is no value of $5 dollars, not to mention selling 6, the chances of success are not

background Adsense advertising management system

doesn’t talk about the buying and selling price of the website, but how to earn $100 dollars for a simple month might be more interesting. CashQuests’s owner, Kumiko by name, possibly a Japanese girl, offered a few months to earn $100 dollars and applied to websites with daily traffic of only 100IP.

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alliance members by uploading entries to Interactive Encyclopedia master station, become the biggest contributor to the entry, you can open Adsense advertising, advertising can be directly connected to the webmaster’s Web site. According to the latest ALEXA traffic rankings, interactive Wikipedia website daily traffic has exceeded 1 million, part of the content of the content has reached hundreds of thousands of visitors, through the display of advertising sites, you can bring huge traffic for the webmaster’s website.

HDwiki introduces


sell your web links, but instead of using Text Link Ads, because the beginning of a small flow or website, blog in TLA does not have a good performance, and TLA support Chinese will link to purchase Chinese advertisers is very good, if your ranking is not good you may not like this station there will be foreign advertising links to home. You will sell your website link at a very low price, one dollar for 10 links, and you will get $10 dollars a month.

HDwiki is developed by the world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia website Interactive Encyclopedia for Chinese users, completely free and open source Encyclopedia system.

as a mature encyclopedia solutions, HDwiki with rich functionality, super stability and excellent architecture design attracted tens of thousands of loyal users. At present, the country has 4 small and medium-sized websites, the use of HDwiki to establish an encyclopedia site or encyclopedia channel, involving education, economics, food, computers and other more than 40 industries, accounting for more than 95% of China’s market. Not only that, at home and abroad, there are 2 enterprises as an internal application, including Sina property channels, Phoenix wealth

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