Create your own sales circle with a new promotion modelNet money common trick

first look at the three mode key: Taobao shop is a pure trading relationship, the face of direct customers, the success rate depends on the product, customer service; Amoy promotion is the intermediary, the intermediary life is prestige, promotion is not only the product, is the credibility of the establishment, from the sale of this artistic point of view to cultivate the emotional foundation than the trade relations; site has the advantage of both of these two functions, to provide interactive applications. Look at the similarities: three patterns require active traffic to maintain success rates. "Active" traffic means the amount of traffic that must be created and maintained by itself. Once not maintained, the flow will be significantly reduced or even not. passive traffic is just the opposite. It can automatically generate traffic without maintenance or very little maintenance, and has an expansion mechanism.

solution: turn active traffic into passive traffic".

here for the failure of the above three modes of operation analysis, mainly from the promotion methods in this regard to improve the program, I hope to give you some enlightenment.

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              in Q group, such as publicity forum, is essentially an instant effect, promotional pictures or soft hair again, there will be a corresponding in the focus area, the flow of information will continue to refresh the focus area, characteristics of Q group instant communication software is more prominent, if not for the forum, blog and other top post, the corresponding information will also be submerged. In fact, the three modes of operation are too many people, often resulting in a large number of similar sites and flooding, overlapping information, cross, if there is no good ideas, not prominent theme, it can not attract. Three models even to buy ads by way of publicity, to site traffic, and click on certain transactions, and retain a part of the customer, is far from success, because it is not advertising deal, its value creation, we determine the nature of the business is still failure.

venture in taobao, usually has the following three modes: first, Taobao opened a shop for business registration; two, Amoy publicity Commission; three, the establishment of the website advertising Alimama. These are very mature channels, many friends are doing, and there are countless examples of success. However, sales of different products, publicity in different ways, different site traffic, and caused a lot of friends face such embarrassment: Taobao opened a store of goods, from thought since Caiyuanguangjin, who knows the time down almost Tao do publicity, No one shows any interest in; the recommended code covered in various forums can, issued over the Q group, but almost no success; do a website, spend time, from the purchase of the domain name to ICP virtual host for the record, on the website program, then Aliamama ad code embedded in it, a month income is ten dollars and eight dollars.

Internet can make money, this is no doubt that there is a process of making money online, is free to invest. Most first do some free click station, and then to free investigation, surfing station, good reputation can make money, if you insist on more than half a year, sure every station earned hundreds of yuan. But you’d better not do click on the station, is not suitable to do part-time, is too much trouble, you can not earn 3 points a day, 4 yuan of money, a referral only 0 points, mainly this station is the personal webmaster, do you want to do a big company station. Don’t listen to is new registration, to do the old money station; do not rely on propaganda people, to forum shopping; do not blindly registered prior to registration to seriously study the relevant content, look at what is the principle, how to operate a web site to make money; if you don’t do part-time station too much, ten about enough. If you want to earn more and faster, the best investment investment station, station has the support of large enterprises, the registered investment is equal to a station in a large enterprise, you just work on the Internet, but the station didn’t take the time to do the investment, a monthly log on several times on the line, usually to forum hair post, each station has a home investment method, are you free of charge for the use of the domain name is very simple, this kind of station have roughly the following way to make money:

A, to other website advertising, website banners, above and below the left position can be rented to other website advertising. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement, you’ll get 0.1 yuan.

two, the sale of goods businesses, also can sell their goods, some netizens have always wanted to have their own website, but the application and domain name space for one year at least 200 – 300 yuan, open one of their own online store, while the cost of. After this kind of station applies, can edit freely, it is the website that belongs to oneself all the time, this is any other free earn money website cannot compare, absolutely value for money!

three, the promotion of your proxy site can get high commission: This is not advanced computer technology and the application of network knowledge, a network effect is the fastest way to make money to everyone