nternet worker’s road to entrepreneurshipCompared the sentiment of the three station on the search


Xia Tao: you know little about me in this respect. I graduated in 97 years, worked for Alibaba in 2001, and worked in global resources for 05 to 06 years. 06 only started my own company. In the field of foreign trade marketing, I have done for 10 years, for the export industry, for e-commerce, I also spent a lot of thought. Contact nearly 3 foreign trade enterprises, and they have also carried out the corresponding practice. E-commerce for many enterprises, individuals are greatly affected, and great room for development.

Xia Tao: along the way, may be a good primary school, junior high school, to the university can not, at most a C. I’m not a dead reader, and my exam results are normal. I think the result is not good, you will have a sense of inferiority, there will be pressure, and more willing to go to the community to exercise, I have done express, issued a flyer. Now think about it, school basically forget. Bad grades, but easy to go to the top, to lead the results of those A. Now insist on reading every month, consult the older generation.

Xia Tao: Hello, I’m Xia Tao. Thank you for the invitation of Albert.

Albert Pavilion host: Xia teacher can be regarded as the previous generation, for the previous generation of students, in fact, some people are very interested in, then Xia teacher can talk about your student age?


Xia Tao: if you are a student, you may have a lot of choices after graduation test, civil servants, go abroad, and you need to understand that many of them are to teach you how to become a good staff, good grades are not subordinate; if you >

do stand for a long time, during this time, the search engine has a new understanding – the first position is different, natural cognition is also different. Previously as a search engine users, but only concerned about the search engines, can not find the information I need. Now the position is different, and has become the upstream content provider of search engines, which can closely observe the work of search engines and have a deep understanding of search engines. Especially the determination to change new domain name from www.myhosts.cn www.playhosts before and after the special care of the search engine, all collected page number observation of three major search engines every day, with some experience, here we just talk about, inappropriate, please master:


Albert, Moderator: do the Internet knows that the Internet replace reform, speed is very fast, and now more than 10 years ago, it might be a world of difference, summer teacher, can you talk about your eyes in the 10 years of the Internet continues to change and development of

Xia Tao: 01 years ago, began to contact the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, when most of the business is exclusive of e-commerce, doubt information, doubt the internet. When I went to promote e-commerce, the boss said he didn’t need it. Our products sell well. In less than 3 years, businesses began to promote their e-commerce and expose their products through websites. If you try, he’ll reap great results. With the importance of enterprises to the network, they understand that they can not rely on a single channel to spread, to sell.

Albert, Moderator: for your summer teacher introduction in the interview before I read several times, perhaps in the Albert Pavilion set up to now in the interview, in addition to teacher Yu Minhong is outside your oldest guests, for your experience as the host I still have some amazing. From the beginning of the 01 years up to now you have been engaged in the Internet industry, has been 10 years; in the 10 years from the staff, to take the position of chairman, to start after many twists and turns, after all these years, you have what deep feelings for