Discussion of website operation Part one the way of profit of local portal websiteWhat areas will n

vertical segmentation in the field of major Internet services industry

to earn the money, the premise is your site flow, the visibility of the region is very high, with this environment in a "flea market" free information column, free and fee issued such regulations, of course, you have to ensure that people pay the effect. The flea market in Shenzhen information port is doing very well.

brief introduction: www.szinfo in Shenzhen port, the friends call him "Niu Niu", "Lao Niu" or "Niu Ge". Computer training, enter the society for more than six years. In six years, has been inside in the Internet industry practitioners, as a real player, and to know and do not know the pioneers together to promote the domestic development of the Internet industry, and made some excellent application case. E-commerce, network marketing, website operations, profit models, SEO, personal websites and other fields have a certain amount of research.

in the news page of the word O2O is used up, O2O refers to the line of business opportunity combined with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions, the field is hot, but the thing itself is difficult O2O, which now has become a large cap, what to the inside, but in fact many areas O2O does not solve a fundamental problem of the letter information problem. The information structure is not perfect enough. Talking about O2O is not interesting.

two: advertising fee

is a local portal business scope can involve domestic, real estate intermediary, dating, distribution, training institutions, beauty and the release of information, these are local convenience services, is the best air plant germination. After doing so, you can collect money in at least three ways.

site advertising rental, this is much simpler. The point is that in the early days, you should not rush to earn advertising fees. In order to attract people to advertise, you should do a very good job of advertising. You can only do this, his name is bad, the market to do bad, you need to give yourself confidence, their advertising value of the money.

everyone stared at home, restaurants, car service industry, but the industry is often a very weak field of information technology, control of working space and time are not very good, can not give full play to the advantages of mobile internet. But had to admit, along with the development of mobile Internet, fragmentation market demand will continue to improve, in this year, O2O business service model is still one of the hot areas.



introduction: in the portal site, industry website step by step, mature, local portal also began to liven up, how can the local portal profit? To investigate the club website operation invited Shenzhen Information Port Niu and discussions on the abstract ideas.


traditional business information asymmetry, based on the hegemony of producers, consumers always in a weak position, the Internet and mobile Internet to break the information barrier, allowing users to have a certain right to speak in the industrial chain, will usher in the business of democratization, money really become consumers of the vote. China’s Internet is booming. What areas of Internet start-ups will break out in 2015? Let’s make a brief analysis:

consumer services


Now the Internet entrepreneur O2O

in fragmented market

"vertical trend" has become a consensus in the Internet community. Four or five years ago, every entrepreneur would be asked, "what would you do if the Tencent did it?"". But today, very few entrepreneurs have been asked the question, because the vertical industry business will do more in-depth, more targeted, more experience, this is Tencent can not do. Nearly ten years of Internet entrepreneurial opportunities can be divided into ad bonus era, flow bonus era, social bonus era, etc., 2015 may also increase the Internet navigation, entrepreneurship era.

O2O service

three: outside the website business

Disintermediation and de organization of

intermediaries don’t go away, for example

website is online shopping, to send some stationery, by others to build a website, XX XX China Information Center, business center, go outside to find the company orders, and then said to do a website to send XX business China login > Free

Internet navigation era of entrepreneurship also from the Internet business new company Phuket 114 speaking, the bold vision of a high quality vertical segments bring together thousands of Web site navigation platform concept, to make up for the traditional comprehensive site navigation depth problem more comprehensive. The thousands of high quality vertical subdivision site navigation is the people’s entrepreneurial opportunities, a comprehensive classification of each hao123 site navigation in the division will establish a more accurate, it is equivalent to hao123 money you give points. Whether a product can stand steadily depends on the user experience, personalized, fragmented market needs more accurate product services, or 2015 will become the peak year of navigation entrepreneurship.

1: information release fee


Internet must "landing", so the website design of the products and services necessary to the community people, woven into a chain of infinite network, will extend their tentacles to every corner of the city and the countryside, the formation of scale effect, this is where the local portal advantage to the formation of core competitiveness local portal site will be in the "landing" efforts, of course, it is not a short duration of time will be able to do, really want to put a local portal web site operators need to do long-term, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, as a lifelong career.