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right, from the dark TUZUOQI in dust, a mixed open blog, forum, network security for interested students, a sixteen year old boy, such as age of consciousness.

he’s just a teenager, a hot blooded boy.

        9100 mobile phone that I used to pick a shot, night sight Xinshou browsing, but can’t move.

Xiaobian as a SEO worker, for this seasonal products, not for many years to optimize. This project is a long story, precisely because friends began to let small operation from last year, but just try to hold a common heart, because it is not a boom in group purchase at the time, two is when the small series is just the pursuit of a website ranking, which is also called the most simple SEO. Here, Xiaobian want to remind you, if you are new to SEO, you can use the most simple method SEO to accumulate resources and experience, but if you do have SEO a year, two years or more, you should do is Jiangmen moon group purchase network for users experience rather than ranking. Like the junior salesperson, when selling their products to customers, the most important thing in mind is the bottom line of the price of the product. The vision stays at the price of the product, and finally goes to a dead end. But a senior sales manager, he will forget the product cost to the customer, after the purchase of our products from customers will get what benefits of personal field for customers to consider, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing, with a goal, but with the way of thinking of the different methods, thus the rate of return is also different.

blood people, if you do not reform, usually die quickly. I usually think of this bad taste.

SEO is the same, when a small head into the keyword ranking is not outdated, small can back to calm down, do the most basic user experience? One day in the shout "sh419 algorithm change left?", "small to engage in Britain by sh419!", but think about it, sh419 no matter how changes are suitable for user experience. If a user searches for a product in sh419, the top of the site is not complete information, advertising all over the web, pop everywhere, the user is not to spit on sh419? So, when coincides with the starting point of small starting point and sh419, Xiaobian to do the natural ranking front small, can’t say good ranking site user experience is very good, but I am confident that the user experience good site, the ranking is not bad. The boss asked small delicious moon cakes in the optimization of Hongkong million employees of Jiangmen moon cake Group purchase website, optimize the team small series in a short time to do this keyword, do the home page, what is the internet.

to start at the same time running Taobao shop has been known as a achieve success and win recognition, intimate sister is still personal webmaster this ridge, which is a lot of Inner Mongolia Internet webmaster for persistent hard portrayal, and years of dedication for the ideal, I have respect for.

In fact,

however, I said, however, compared with the very few lucky on the stage, those who have learned the hunger and thirst of the platform undoubtedly hint that many individuals around the station are still in an awkward situation.

agony I have ever seen is the oldest personal webmaster, although older, but there is a strong learning mentality, cherish every webmaster and exchange of learning opportunities, actively participate in every activity.

Niu Niu B SLR, but also can not shoot such a shock.

Xiaobian has always followed a truth: from inaction to promising, this is also Xiao Bian often in their own SEO exchange group advocated a kind of thinking. Small sometimes can not be too paranoid to a point, to find a breakthrough of divergent thinking, from another angle, in fact to the user experience does not seem like every day outside the chain, trying to keyword density, weight do Kung Fu, but essentially small to reach the final goal is the same. As a small operation now Jiangmen network group purchase moon cake, first small in simple ranking do some work, but for now, those small series, very little effect, then do the small focus station, how to facilitate users to search their own products and want to know, not considered the row >



this is 2012 Inner Mongolia webmaster annual meeting of the scene, a moment, but it has been a moment of eternal.


: a left half in the dust. Left three: intimate elder sister

annual meeting, speaker zangma Yi Qi mall Crouching Tiger stupid tiger, mathematical Chinese Ma Zhuang is the representative to succeed in business, they share a lot of dry cargo with all of you, time for the webmaster achievement historic opportunity, they are lucky miracle hero, although this miracle of the protagonist is not a lot, but by a miracle limited several webmaster, this kind of profound happiness and optimism, inspired generations of young people have dreams one after another, although in the Internet, this road today, to dream of hope more and more slim. However, in addition to the remote road, there are still way for social resources in poor grassroots


six years ago to see the agony aunt, or black and white mottled, twinkling, has more than sixty, silver haired.

presided over the scene asked raised their hands to attend the first session of the general assembly in 2006 of webmaster, a response, without it, the website is not profitable, the webmaster since scattered seoul. After a lapse of 6 years, part of the site is profitable, transition, this point compared to that of the Ten thousand horses stand mute. a lot stronger.

left hand grey hair, right hand boy.