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6, where customers find, the best application stores and channels, including 360 mobile assistant, sh419, 91, pea pods, Tencent application treasure, Taobao Amoy applications, millet software mall, etc.. I think these app stores will account for 70% of all channels in the future.

"I had the worst should be the question of money, for example when we open the hotel, at that time I did not expect to do so, the money decoration, like sand to flow into, I only have teeth, then quickly collapsed, also do not know how to find the bank, how the money, because the bank must have collateral, only everywhere to borrow money," the National People’s Congress, Jiangxi GOLDENCOAST industrial company chairman Hou Yuwen entrepreneurial road, from the beginning of laid-off maibing gun. Recalling the hardships of entrepreneurship, she feels that money is the biggest bottleneck.

2, from where the customer experience, we believe that a single comprehensive APP has been unable to meet the needs of users, such as Taobao, the Taobao app is too large and full, many users are difficult to find their own love instead of simple things, on the contrary, this kind of beauty, pocket shopping segments would attract APP a lot of people’s attention. For the electricity supplier companies, fine differentiation and lightweight APP will be the trend, not the big and all.

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5, many sites mobile promotion depends only on the amount of activation, and for every guest such shopping APP, we pay more attention to the effect, including conversion rate, access frequency and so on, comprehensive judgment.

42012 years, we have tested a lot of promotion methods, found that the built-in brush machine is very bad, cheating serious, user activity is very low. So we abandoned the brush, built-in, SMS, PUSH these ways.

hit off from English words " Maker ", refers to the interest and hobbies, to put ideas into reality people, a" break "rash and too much in haste into the government work report of the new term, is now" fame". Beginning of this year, Premier Li Keqiang had inspected the Shenzhen firewood create a guest space, for the realization of "public entrepreneurship, and many people innovative", a guest was high hopes. Some comments pointed out that entrepreneurial innovation is an important starting point to ensure employment, but also China’s economic quality, efficiency and upgrade of one of the twin engines.

government, schools, enterprises mutual action push hands


: how to break

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Ni Bangwen said that at the beginning of this year, some of the CPPCC members of the Communist Youth League Youth constituency, dedicated to Zhejiang, Hubei and Shaanxi provinces to research, they feel the youth entrepreneurship needs are very large, but there are also some problems, first is financing, second is the entrepreneurial team lack of experience, with third market docking ineffective. The fourth is in the business process, including finding the details of these problems, but also more difficult for young people.

August 7th, Eslite mobile phone division deputy general manager Yan Xiaodan accept my interview, where the share of the mobile Internet experience and views. Dry goods a lot, I think, all the electricity providers, and even all to do mobile promotion, it is necessary to look at.

3, which introduces finely differentiated APP, is also designed to allow users to have more choices. Because there are too many APP installed on the phone, but there are few real users, which give users more choices, and the users will choose to download more APP. So, where recently introduced the APP "flash purchase artifact", the future will launch "APP box" box.

not, not, not, one side of the CPPCC National Committee, Guangxi District Committee of Communist Youth League Secretary Bai Songtao took over the incumbent, he said, "young people dare not venture, is afraid of failure;" not "business, there is no money; no business, is not technology.

1, where the customer’s mobile terminal has gone through 3 years of trial, growth rate exceeded expectations, the middle has taken some detours, and now the customer’s mobile terminal sales accounted for 20%-30% of the total sales.


dry cargo is as follows:

youth entrepreneurship difficult where, how to break? Yesterday, the CPPCC National Committee, Party Secretary of the China Youth University for Political Science Ni bywon, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Guangxi party secretary Bai Songtao, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Yu Minhong, the CPPCC National Committee members, the new world technology group president Jing Wong, the National People’s Congress, Jiangxi GOLDENCOAST industrial company chairman Hou yuh Wen and other guest Economic Net China, common for young entrepreneurs to give advice and suggestions.


is a member of the National Committee of CPPCC and chairman of the New Oriental Education and technology group, and also an angel investor, because of "Mr. Yu". He said that he was involved in the angel fund is to support entrepreneurship, "say when young entrepreneurs have no money, give us some plan, we three million yuan hit in the past," he believes that countries should use some successful enterprises.


7, in the mobile application store channels, the promotion price increased by two times last year, mainly because there are too many mobile games, many people throw money, we are fighting to promote. But I think that by the end of this year, there will be a number of mobile game companies die, and then, this promotion prices will be stable.

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in the mobile Internet era, just experienced the PC knockout and price war electricity providers who, and ushered in a new mobile challenge. Then, how should the electricity supplier practitioners do?