Where is the way forward for the novice TaobaoThe Li Xiang review business for 16 years to write thi

for the grassroots webmaster how to make Taobao customers, make their sites survive? I am thinking Taobao + + customer information advertising alliance, for the novice webmaster, this chance of survival will be larger. Compare a month, space, domain name and other expenses is to take out.

time to about half of the dial, BBS Fido net to pop up, we use 14.4K Modem to start dialing, and mailing list as to discuss issues including recrimination. By the time I was in my sophomore year, I began to have personal websites, and I was able to surf the internet. I applied for my personal website, which is called the home of the video card, because the 3D display card was the hottest one at that time. At that time, I was ranked first in my port of information and another competitor ranked second. The second, who became my partner, fan zheng.

was in high school, when the Internet bubble was at its worst. Making money is very easy. Advertising on the website shows more than 10 thousand dollars a month. Plus I paid a month. Nearly 20 thousand of the income, than my mom and my dad added up to more than 10 times.

looked at the railway station in May, said a lot of Taobao profit decline, just a month on station novice webmaster me, I feel very confused……

Taobao customers relatively slow, interviewed a lot of webmaster, basically are 3 months before income, of course, those who can do SEO master can ignore, here to write more is for beginners to see. The content of the information added to the website, so that the search engine included more opportunities. Then join the appropriate advertising Union, then, with advertising revenue, a month’s basic expenses should be collected, no problem.

so the first thing I did at that time, I wrote it on the most popular style in the market, how to choose a computer, choose a card, and write something like that. Was lucky, my first article was cast, "computer information" published the full text, for a full page, and basically did not change. That was my first income when I was a senior, about 600 dollars. Then I kept writing, write very much.

novice grassroots webmaster build Taobao customers can consider my this way, compared to only live, there is a chance to make money. If the financial strength of the relatively strong, of course, there will be more ways, but I do not have any money, only the teacher deposit it…… Wish you >

Gao bought the first computer. At that time, the first computer was about 8000 bucks, Pentium 133. When I bought my computer, I found these newspapers and magazines very unreliable. I always thought the editors and the authors were right. When I really touch the computer, they found 90% write shit.

looked back. "Why did I get more access than I did when I was doing my website?". In fact, very simple, I found that all sites in the user access most of the time period Ling Chen, there is no update. But >

2, Taobao rebate network type, Adsense get part of the Commission to the buyer. This advantage is that you can retain a fixed customer, fixed access to customers, the webmaster’s income will be more secure.

experience 1: users are always the most important


1, which promotes the link products directly on your website or blog, should be the majority. This is difficult for the fixed customers to seize. Customer randomness is relatively large.

customer is to help Taobao promotion of goods and the seller in accordance with the turnover Commission people may be individuals or website, formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. "Taobao" means someone who helps Taobao sellers to promote goods and earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%.

from 2000, Li Xiang registered bubble network, to 2005 to establish a car home, and then in July 2015 as president of the outgoing director of shareholders, the 16 years, so that Li Xiang experienced a lot.

to the third year, I face a difficult choice, whether the college entrance examination?. It’s not difficult to convince my parents, my parents are from the Central Academy of drama, and unlike my parents of the same age, I particularly hope that my children will go to college. On the other hand, my parents saw it every month because when I went to college, I was going to earn money, or I wanted to find a job. They also think this is a good opportunity, than I go to college actually more hope, may go to college, this opportunity has been wrong.

Taobao currently divided into two forms:

first from my own introduction, after 80 entrepreneurship. I really contact the computer from the beginning of the high, before the fact that the family can not afford to buy a computer, so I basically from the first to the third day, bought all the computer newspapers and magazines on the market, it kept looking.

solved the basic survival of the site, new Adsense this time is how to promote, see a lot of older articles, basic is original, SEO, BBS and so on…… Of course, this is the foundation of website promotion. I don’t know what would be the effect of the chain, just add content, a month I stand a 100 article, sh419 included the sky before 300, do not know the result? Everything is still in exploration.

above is the current popular two forms, the first kind of pure Taobao guest website, promotion is more difficult. Second discount nets, promotion, need to have part of the capital investment.