Taobao Trump if guests do promotionCai Wensheng from selling make up powder to beauty can’t live

, is my sworn brother Cai Baozhong. I knew from the precious and the first grade primary school, at the age of 7, we have sworn, at the age of 9, they moved to Hongkong. In 1984, Bao Zhong came back to see me, bringing back a 20 dollar pair of trousers to me, when a pair of pants, 20 dollars is unthinkable. Bao Zhong said he could make 3000 dollars a month, and for the first time I knew people could make so much money. You know, at that time I felt that if I could make so much money, my life would be perfect. In 1991, when I went to Hongkong for the first time, Bao Zhong took me to eat McDonald’s. I thought then, "how can there be such a delicious thing in the world?"". He also taught me to use ATM for the first time, and the two of us put it in and out of the ATM. The Enlightenment of my money concept comes from Bao zhong.

however, Cai Wensheng’s letter of thanks was not read at the dinner reception, but the letter revealed his entrepreneurial spirit.

15 this month, Mito company officially listed in Hongkong, from the start to the listing, after 30 years of business history of Cai Wensheng, and he has the extraordinary 30 years were reviewed and summarized, and detailed describes the MiTo company business details.

, go forward hand in hand!First I want to thank

thank you for following the full text of Cai Wensheng:

mentioned the blog profile, in fact, the blogger profile on the blog sidebar. Don’t underestimate this!

‘s promotion? Oh, this is my own words, in fact, the basic idea is: the promotion of the way to build a blog, to come status to do promotion, as shown below.

I’d like to thank Jiang Yingqian, my high school classmate. In 1985, we both borrowed 500 dollars from each other and put a stall in Shishi street. I still remember that time is selling calculators, cameras, cosmetic powder, sometimes one day earn hundred dollars. When we made the money, we went to buy Marlboro. You know, young people bought cigarettes at that time, and we bought them as a package. Ying Qian is now the executive vice president of the Xiamen Shishi chamber of Commerce

I’d like to thank my cousin Cai Jiongming, who lived next door to me since I was a child. He was my first entrepreneurial idol. In 1988, he founded the shitelan brand, then earned tens of millions. He founded the "gold rhino Po", Fujian is the first to CCTV advertising brand, 1998 Fujian became the first company listed in Hongkong, Shimao, Heng than are a few months earlier. Is Chiung Ming let me remember "business", "business" and "Hongkong listed three concepts. My dream was to be able to get ahead of him one day.

understands the core ideas and advantages of this blog based approach to promotion. Let’s sum up the techniques for this promotion and give an example.

nowadays, the ranks of Taobao’s army are growing stronger and stronger, and various promotion methods are also emerging. However, in the charts, API flooding era, if you want to suddenly emerge, you must move forward, think of the user’s wishes. I want to share with you today is the new guest promotion methods: put yourself to do promotion.

today so I am particularly grateful, I was thirty years the road of entrepreneurship many good friends and your people are gathered to you, although there are too many to thank, want to say one by one, thank you for the way you help

for example: for example, you do lose weight off Taobao, then you can own another vest, like this message "blogger, I want to buy Taobao slimming products, but that L-carnitine has side effects ah, please send suggestions." And then to the identity of the blogger replied, "diet pills have side effects, but there are big and small.". Recommend you use traditional Chinese medicine L-carnitine, the side effects are much smaller." And so on the question and answer, similar to the sh419 know ourselves from a word of mouth marketing, one hand to answer the questions of potential customers, but also greatly increase the reliability, thus effectively improve the conversion rate.


such promotion method benefits are obvious: Taobao customers to "come over" identity recommend products, give relevant guidance, such credibility and user’s popularity is very high. If the blog with maintenance, not only the conversion rate will be much higher than the traditional way of promotion, but also the formation of a faithful reader, and these loyal readers will give you word of mouth, Everfount blog brings flow.

What is called

above, I saw a Taobao guest blog. His blog is on the charts, too. It’s only on an article page. The blogger is doing fitness Taobao customers, and blogger wrote in another biography, he bought many reasons for this product, and down a few times to feel Taobao businesses on the goods so uneven in quality, dragons and fishes jumbled together, to give you some advice for first-time buyers.

Cai Wensheng once said, out of the ordinary listed meaning beauty map, this is 8 years, from the creation to the market, one of the joys, such as fish and drinking water lengnuanzizhi.

Cai Wensheng: a letter of thanks not read out — for a thank you dinner at Mito company

standing in the user’s point of view, put yourself in the promotion, after all, or have to return to the rankings. But we will list as a separate page, and the blog was local identity link such as home banner, the top. On the leaderboards page, users can comment. Reviews serve as a window for other visitors to understand the information and receive higher confidence from visitors. As bloggers, we can ask questions and answer our own questions.

dear friends and friends,