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in the simple independent drop-down box, its options in different order, for the user’s eye movement and mouse movement, and click on the number will have a greater impact. Let’s take a simple example of figure A-:

diagram A

drop-down box is the main content of "+ + belonged to the type of property price". The order of the three is basically determined by the user’s search psychology for the new house and the logical relationships within it.

and titanium media was later not successful, take another road, is to ignore the line service organization, only vertical media advantage, but can only stare at last realized more difficult.

therefore, the initial starting points of the two are different, leading to each other’s bifurcation.

this is a part of the advertising company advertising form background, "department" choose "Research Center, home channel, advertising center" and so on 14 options, the designer in the selection, if you want to choose "advertising center", will have to click on the drop-down box, and then click Browse to select ninth.

the model roughly divides the traffic into four categories: 1, ordinary users; 2, industry users; 3, entrepreneurs; 4, investors.


previously, the media industry revenue crisis, although it will lead to loss of activity allowance profit line release, but this approach lacks commercial structural design, as entrepreneurs and 36 as vertical depth and service of krypton is too small. The former sees the offline as making extra money, and the latter as an important part of the business model.

‘s user experience Optimization for a single drop-down box is relatively simple, and a combination of multiple drop-down boxes + search input boxes significantly increases the complexity of the optimization. If more than one drop-down box in the front and back options in different order, may cause users to drop clicks, the number of operations and the number of thinking is not the same. At the same time, the location of the search input and drop-down boxes varies from place to place. Let’s take a look at figure B, the example of several major portals searching for new homes:

simply look, the model is only realizable for traffic, further look at the impact of the media is realized. But these statements do not touch the essence, the precise argument is that the media influence through the server after this layer of filtering, realize offline commercialization, which is quite different from the previous media impact realized.

drop-down box and search input box combination is one of the commonly used standard page is a link string independent page. The drop-down box and search input box combination appears more in the industry stronger website or various background system, and will appear in the pages of the important position of the entrance, so that users can easily find search products. Despite its industry content not to talk, the drop-down box and search input box combination sequence and its each independent drop-down box internal order for positioning whether the user can quickly and accurately to find the content plays a vital role, at the same time, the user will also about operation times and the number of thinking.


entrepreneurial service model mainly docking entrepreneurs and investors, both sides of the service, the establishment of entrepreneurs, investors, their own three party cooperation, cooperation is basically completed by the line. This relationship may also be derived from the relevant business, well done, imagine space is actually quite large.

of course, only "media + services" to describe the model is not accurate, "Online + offline" is its essence. The logic behind that is that the media side is responsible for traffic, the server for traffic sorting. Among them, the media is located on the line, the service is under the line, emphasizing the media side of the strong and vertical depth, more emphasis on server sinking, parallel at both ends.

ordinary user level, the most lazy is advertising realized, but this is not the mainstream of the future. Entrepreneurs to user management and membership fees, this line may be more representative of deep plowing. Members enjoy the entrepreneurial level of services, even ordinary users, but also may become professional users or even entrepreneurs, can be regarded as a strategy to establish user stickiness.

three gateway website will be belonged to in the first place, which is consistent with the users to search the new mentality, the first condition is to buy a new house lots, at the same time the location decision of average about interval. The two portal will be "property type" on the second, "property type" this term comparison around, in fact, residential, office buildings, shops and other categories. The last is the "price", has decided the interval is belonged to, personally think on the last is >

and industry users, although not lack of cash, but to entrepreneurs, 36 krypton, tiger sniffing as the representative of the mainstream entrepreneurial services company, has not really sunk to this level. Individuals believe that providing line to order, single service, customized professional reports and depth information may be a better way to play the advantages of media side and industry researchers.


diagram B

therefore, the "media + services" in the field of entrepreneurial services, individuals think, in a strict sense, should belong to one of the O2O model.

but by statistics, more than 80% of the work order is issued by the advertising center, if we will "advertising center" as the default option and other contents of the same order, then in the drop-down box operation, designers will reduce the operation amount of 80%, will also reduce operational errors more options down too the error rate is high.

at this stage of the field of entrepreneurial services, "entrepreneurs", "36 krypton", "tiger sniffing" as the representative of the "media + service" model, more and more recognized by the industry. Following last year’s NetEase test the water, by the Sina Financial Technology Division is also planning to enter the field in the near future.