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"having an event is equivalent to having a money printer.". >

statistics show that in 2016, China’s outbound tourism spending amounted to 109 billion 800 million U. s.dollars, an average of about 900 U. s.dollars per capita. Although the number of outbound tourists accounts for only 3% of the total number of tourists, outbound tourism accounts for 16% of China’s travel expenses. This reflects a growth trend, but also contains many opportunities for sports tourism.


small West home in Hubei. A few years ago when I first entered the University, there is a small West open shop idea. In July last year, a friend after graduation, business shop is very successful, eventually quit working full-time. "People can succeed, I can." By this incentive, Xiao Xi decided to try, and her roommates and fellow. A total of 500 yuan of funds to start.

"to tell the truth, good job is not easy, not good work we don’t want to go now, the third time is relatively loose, we want to try entrepreneurship." Last November 7th the official shop, on the same day, the first single business, you want to buy 1 pairs of pants and 1 scarves. Sitting in front of the computer to the small West is very excited. The other bargain very much, finally talk about a lower price. The goods sent out, but also presented a beautiful notebook, a bag of coffee, the other has no reaction. Anxiously waiting for a few days later, the customer finally appeared on the net: "there’s a problem with your goods, not the size of a trousers." And threatened to shop without good evaluation. It makes a green hand some Meng Xiao xi.

for his first trip to Madrid, Spain, it was a special trip. Small K is through a sports tourism company, sign up for the national Derby spectators group. After getting a series of complicated questions about visas, tickets, hotels, tickets and so on, he finally embarked on his own pilgrimage.

but at the same time, the current domestic sports tourism, especially outbound sports tourism consumption habits, has not yet fully formed. Compared with the domestic, the sports tourism market in foreign countries has reached a relatively mature stage of development, and the training of sports consumer groups is also improving. In Europe and the United States mature sports countries, such a famous saying circulating:

trillion sports tourism market

in sports vice president and head of sports tourism to Zheng said in an interview that: "the formation of the sports tourism industry has its historical background, tourism and sports consumption when segments overlap, new demands, new consumer scene appeared." In addition to spectators, a special branch of sports tourism and sports leisure, cultural experience and training consumption scenarios.



in the small West shopping network name is "miss Mose", love her friends affectionately called her "little west". Now, the small West shop decorated with every kind of dress. Each set of her carefully dress collocation, shoot photos of Mimi for buyers to choose from. The photo below with words, small self preference of the various styles of the west by the detailed classification, and should pay attention to remind buyers when wearing the collocation details. "I majored in garment business with a completely different, but I love pondering the dress collocation, posing as the dressing Master." She is clever and cheerful to spit out the tongue.

although knowing each other in trouble, but small west two people want the first single business successfully completed the final refund of 10 yuan fee change leg. "Oh, busy before and after half a month, only to earn 1 dollars." Xiao Xi said, the first time I feel difficult to make money.

relative to the domestic, foreign sports tourism market has reached a relatively mature stage of development, sports consumer groups are also growing. In the mature sports countries of Europe and America, there is a famous saying circulating: "having an event is equivalent to owning a money printing machine."."

Xihua University Junior Girls small West is a shop owner, the store is also the special hemp bean. Her sweet smile, no matter, wind, wind, wind or warm rivets, each kind of clothing is so attractive in her. Rely on online shopping fans sought after, in January 6th, was elected as one of a small West Shopping Network Madou contest ten. Even the users of the small West Harbour evil designs said: "I want you to do Amoy wife."

is the first business to toss half earned 1 dollars

at the end of last year, the National Tourism Administration and the General Administration of sport jointly issued a document, allowing industry to re line their sights on the segments of sports tourism. Long documents, the most eye-catching content is this group of figures: in 2020 the total number of sports trips reached 1 billion, accounting for 15% of the total number of travel, consumption scale exceeded 1 trillion.

ran into the stadium and kissed the grass from the dressing room passage, believing that the action had been rehearsed countless times in the minds of many fans. While standing on the lawn of Santiago – Bernabeu stadium, little K felt that everything became more solemn and sacred.

, like him, enjoys a way to travel with a fan group, and has been recognized by more and more people. Now, on the eve of the big game or the focus event, many sports fans think to themselves: do you want a long pilgrimage tour?

story of hard work

"hemp beans" is the netizens to model the transliteration of the word. Online shopping is popular today, many beautiful people try on clothing shop served as hemp bean, and these hemp bean has become in Amoy friends outside of a major part of clothing.

yesterday 8 afternoon, in the virtual network, the small West shop about the hardships behind entrepreneurship stories to reporters.