How does the gem bubble break upDo Wangzhuan let my life become more intense

doesn’t have a good product experience, and where will it go back to

intelligent hardware, really is not you say is the subversion subversion, said the anti can, before the paper Hanvon technology was shot dead on the beach, after the music as it was besieged on all sides — excitement.

people do business with the government, is a popular hot drink, Enjoyor gross margin has declined in recent years, the latest to a quarterly has only 22%. What kind of smart city is this, and what’s the difference in gross profit margin between the factories that do shoes and toys along the coast?

contact Wangzhuan than most early, then still in college, I started to do email, click on these low levels of Wangzhuan, more or less to earn a little money, then all the global forum, the higher the technical data, not for a long time is slowly finding Wangzhuan these little advertising, this is more interesting, the original network is a fortune of the road, so I did what technical content from the Wangzhuan project backed out, and then into the ranks of webmaster, it is ridiculous, that station is now called the garbage station, but was not so Internet plagiarism and so, I stand also bring good traffic, I looked very rich in content, the website linked to a GG, every month to make a living. Plus the cost of living on my home, I’m a small millionaire in my college dorm. My college life is spent most of the time from the Wangzhuan feel good.


was also the storm mirror a year launched a rash and too much in haste, the four generation of VR products, as long as the price of more than 100 yuan, will be the development of 3 years is not the official business of the Oculus do not know where to throw. But, the tide is coming fast, going too fast, in 2016, the storm’s net profit is expected to decline by 60%-89.99%, the storm mirror team layoffs nearly half, can not play.

gem index in June 5, 2015, climbed the bull market peak, 4037 points, after the bubble burst, more than Yindie to January 16, 2017, fell to 1783 points, the index has wiped out 55.83%.

now I still work while Wangzhuan, but I don’t have to worry about the boss to copy my squid, because my Wangzhuan income is enough to cope with all this. My life is more colorful.

, let’s see how these bubbles break up one by one.

VR is a concept of fire, wind and storm group borrows this concept, when the market price from 4.29 yuan a way to fry to 148 yuan, or 34 times is as the acme of perfection.

smart city itself is not a bubble, a year of government spending hundreds of billions of Yuan cake is still very attractive, this market has both the real leader of Hikvision, there are countless losers.

I can say that

Enjoyor is so, shares fell 67% in a year and a half, from the beginning of the 3 quarter of 2015, quarterly performance in fall, profit growth depends entirely on the transfer of investment income to eke out. Such a dilemma, and Warren Chen Yizhou at the helm of the renren also have a fight.

VR foam

in the past year and a half, 600 GEM stocks, new shares deducted, rising above 5% less than 50, while the decline in the top 50 stocks, all fell by more than 60%.

why do Wangzhuan let my life become more passionate? There are some reasons for this, do Wangzhuan than those office workers monthly income of two thousand or three thousand colleagues earn several times. Let me become more free, not as office workers, as depressed, lose innovative ideas, lose the passion to start a business.

by January 16th, share prices had fallen by 64.86% in a year and a half, down 72% from the highest price, but the price earnings ratio was still 438 times above.

entered the society, I found a salary, white-collar work, work in a clothing design company, mainly rely on relatives. However, with individual ability is inseparable. But this is not the life I want to, but do not want to give up such a high salary job, so I determined to have a greater breakthrough in Wangzhuan. So I took the time to devote my heart to the Internet and make money in this wonderful world. I also got into touch with SEO. It was the best technology to increase the traffic of the website. If I had been in touch with SEO earlier, I would have made more money at college, because at that point I had fewer opponents. I use the SEO technology I’ve learned to do foreign alliances, such as CJ, CB. Do only one page of the site, find a good product, and then SEO, although the day IP traffic is not much, but each flow is very effective, a day easily earn about more than 300. With funds, and then buy keywords on the search engine advertising, to get commission. As long as price control is reasonable, this way of making money doesn’t need to be done at all, nor does it need SEO. But the risks are pretty big.


the main problem lies in the industry chain position, IT manufacturers from low-end to high-end walk, can be divided into four levels, the first is agents, second is system integrators, third is software developers, and fourth is >

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