Hand in hand to money with 51wan achieve 3 the year of the ox jumpWangzhuan feelings and future plan

through cooperation to promote connectivity, bringing new registration users within six months.

3, good faith team

51wan China’s first web game platform, while operating 10 different balance of different styles of web games, military, martial arts, animation, magic, everything, can provide more choices for players. The website only registered, the RMB can be replaced at any time to enter the game player game, the consumption cycle will be longer and more stable, to ensure that the joint promotion can obtain more lasting benefits.

for the network, not at first, but also limited to the forum, chat stage. Of course, later, I know what I do is to train someone else to come here, irrigation, come here to chat with me. The beginning of the master let me do two small stations, to see if you can get some traffic. I am not a station, from the most basic domain name sale, to the choice of space, is a step by step to search in the forum and sh419, and later to the program, see friends, heard of dedecms, also in the Dede forum visited several days, also changed hands a template. I learned a lot at this stage. It took me a month to go back and build a garbage station. I was so happy.


51wan management team and customer service team is the elite network game has many years of operating experience, 51wan platform is China’s first focus on the web game website, the web game market and grasp the user are in a leading position in china.

IP data monitoring to 51wan system shall prevail, the third party inspection 51wan only accept Yahoo system monitoring data.

1, 10, 1,

, what are you waiting to join 51wan promotion League to earn money for the new year?

said the first project was the construction site, many beginner feel a bit too hard, I think of the people to use absolutely ignorant of is too high. In fact, when I was on the way to the forum, I did some projects such as Witkey, click advertising, surfing and so on. Toss about for a week or so, thankless effort. See the forum often posted "day into the thousand" post, think may make money, but around did not do this thing. Under the advice of the master, was directly denied. A lot of projects through the packaging to make money, you are the middle operator or terminal customers, and are not familiar with the Wangzhuan novice, easily deceived.


, I’ve been trying to do my own chosen project, and I’m not going to follow the mainstream

, 51wan here! Thanks to each big website, Webmaster Station in 2008 to help 51wan, now 51wan launched the "year of the ox 3 hop 51wan promotion alliance incentive activities.

‘s three big reasons for choosing 51wan:

More than


joining conditions:

2 and 51wan quality assurance

browse, cooperation, promotion, connections, daily independence, IP higher than 50 may enjoy the above treatment, 51wan will be checked irregularly.

enjoys share rights time:

did the website for a month or so. Daily traffic is 20, ha ha. Now it seems so pathetic. However, do not underestimate the flow of these 20, 10-80 per day revenue. This website to do the project have a great relationship, two stations are a niche market, PayPal is opened, the contents are on the use of PayPal, and help businesses, keyword search to the very place; the other one is advertising software installation, this is the domestic advertising business launch, profit low.

Wangzhuan thinking exercise

application time: from now until January 31, 2009

At the beginning of the new year

termination condition:

graduated from the University began to enter the field, was also in a helpless, at their own expense is the science of Applied Mathematics, grades pulpy, and this major is the so-called culture of professional scientists, to good graduate student. At that time, the family found a job, on a few days, resigned.

browse, cooperation, promotion, connection, 3 consecutive days including 3 days, IP are lower than 50, will automatically terminate this cooperation, the sale is still divided into 7% of the sales flow settlement.

affiliate link: http://s.union.51wan/

1wan as China web game platform first, R & D and agents of the game must be a boutique, "JX Web" is China large mature client game change, first opened the prelude to the blockbuster era Chinese web games.

made money for the first time,

* * * Wangzhuan is my friends, I was introduced to several master, I learn the start of something. Although not how to teach me, but show me the higher the charm of this industry. I believe that as long as I insist, I will continue to learn, there will be good results.


before January 31, 2009 are entitled to join the "year of the ox 3 hop discount promotion alliance is divided into the proportion of sales of water from 7%, to promote sales of water 1-25% *25% equivalent to 18.75% of the sales of water, 25% comprehensive channel cost.

started to feel independent when he began to learn to think for himself and what projects he should do. The ability of each person to do Wangzhuan have. In the forum, the most discussed is the current project to do what, in what ways to obtain traffic?. With ideas and methods, you can earn money.