The development of the website needs the team the way of my website development

before 2009, the construction and development of our focus on the site and their owners, in 2009 after the first legal portal website locates in the Hebei station, are faced with the problem of their energy is too limited, in their work on their professional tendency is more and more obvious, professional development can not meet the development of the website. Since 2009, I have set up a number of sub stations in my website in accordance with my plan. I have made great progress in both the specialized substation and the regional stations. The development of the website is really a complicated and interesting thing. I feel that no matter how much time and money it seems, I am thinking about it all the time. I think the development of the website is like a market. The more shops and more customers, the better the business will be. The development of sub stations was the same. After I set up the sub stations, I began to study how to set up the market". He is only a member of the team, every member of the team should benefit from it, of course, the premise is that we must work together and benefit together. Regardless of their own factors, the site how to develop greatly, the team is essential. My development train of thought:

one, each sub station to establish one to two team members, take on the responsibility of website maintenance. Emphasize or fully publicize the website’s publicity; be responsible for the members of the sub station. Development is the premise of us is a core team, is responsible for. The spirit who pay who benefit from the principle, I had several races of their own, such as divorce, professional real estate sub station pay special maintenance, of course, is the person we have ideas, people are like-minded partners. There are successful cases, I believe it will be successful, the reason is that the maintenance of the website is only one station, plus daily articles, original articles published and what is not difficult, the work can get these things done, the development of the website also joined the staff development process, whether it is business knowledge system and professional will have a big promotion. More importantly, it provides a platform for franchisees to establish contact with their potential customers. Contingency factors must exist, one day, customers will understand you because of the site, and you will have a business relationship.

two, market-oriented mode of operation, better than their own single handedly. Building and developing a website is not easy for yourself, is it possible to worry about other people’s development and impact on your market?. What is market-oriented development, only the strength of joining personnel to come in, there will be market-oriented effect?. Ultimately, it will be a win-win result.

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